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In what war was a fighter-bomber used in the last twenty years? In what context would we, Australia, use one in the next forty years? A Fijian invasion? A war with China? A civil war with Tasmania? In what way would a fighter bomber (as opposed to, say, a swarm of drones and a hacking device) be useful in this context?

Please answer this.

Why, old friend, are we buying this piece of junk?

Just asking.

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  1. It has useful secondary functions during ‘on-water’ incidents. That’s one way to *Stop* a boat.

    • Off the topic, but why does the media parrot the clumsy phrase “on-water operations”? It only means operations at sea, unless navy ships sail up rivers.

  2. Australian taxpayers have been volunteered to nobly rescue our old “buddy”, Lockheed Martin, from the bankruptcy which would inevitably ensue due to their epic stuff-up with a weapons system that is yet another “Flying Edsel”.

    Our Federal pollies want to be permitted to tag along behind the big dogs on the world stage, with our PM and ministers pleading “You wanna’ play ball, Butch?”

  3. It’s a multi-role aircraft – and is being phased in to replace the F-18, which replaced the F-111.

    • No, the F/A18 replaced the Mirage 111O.
      When they retired the F111, nothing effectively replaced its range & capability. Then the Indonesians & others started buying SU-30s/35s which well exceeded our old F/A18s. That is why Brendon Nelson as MoD was pushed to but the much newer & more capable F/A18 Super Hornets. Similar looking at the outside, different plane under the skin.
      There are plenty who would argue they’d still prefer to be in the SU-35 if push came to shove.
      All new planes are nothing but weapons platforms. It’s their stealth & electronics for detection & targeting which seperates them. I think the F-35 will be a good aircraft & probably the last generation with a person inside. At the moment, it is the electronics & software which is deficient.

      The reason our old F/A18s were never used in ME & Afghanistan, even though offered, was because successive government left them “with capability for”, but never kept up-to-date or “equipped for”. In other words, good for training flights only.

      Given Abbott, Bishop & Robb have offered Australia for sale in Asia & even promised to let the Chinese PLA buy what they like, one has to question what the hell will be left to defend. So, why spend the money?

  4. One hopes never to need the firefighters, but that does not mean we should disband the fire brigade.

    • Nice point.

    • DQ – hose fires happen weekly, sometimes daily, bushfires with monotonous regularity.

      Spot the difference?

      • Ja ja…. HOUSE fires …. Sheesh!

        • The way I see it, Tony Abbott is a fireman who is smashing the window of your house to put out a fire in your lounge room created by an arsonist. Do not be alarmed by the bell, the noise and the rushing of figures.

          Wouldn’t it be more sensible to go look for the arsonist? Tony never set fire to the house. Stop blaming him. The fire brigade are trying to save your house. If they step on your rhododendrons – they didn’t mean to. They are trying to put out a fire.

          You have to see the big picture. Don’t buy into into the Bruce Hawker playbook – “The Audit Report is a compass leading us to the arid land of Neoliberalism where “Hell is empty and all the devils are here” (The Tempest).

          Don’t be frightened. They are mere shadows on the flickering wall. Go look for the arsonist first.
          Don’t blame the firemen doing their job.

          • Frank, I’m so glad you’re still here.
            I was wondering how long it would take you to speak up after Abbott and Hockey ‘spit roasted’ you last week with their ‘new tax’ plan.

            Damn son!
            They didn’t even ask your permission or even use lube; they just grabbed you by the scruff of the neck bent you over and jammed it in!!

            ‘There’ll be no new taxes Frankie old boy’
            ‘This will be a Govt. of no surprises’.

            Every word you’ve uttered over the past few years has been turned to shit by your Glorious Leader Tony.

            I know it’s hard on you Frank,
            but just swallow.
            Like a man.

            More to come……

      • I do see a difference. But I also see that it is a little late to be seeking to buy advanced weaponry after one’s country has been invaded. The lead time is critical.

  5. The RAF Typhoon is a multi-role combat aircraft, much like the JSF. It has been used successfully in Afghanistan, and in the Iraq War.

    In the next 40 years, it is foreseeable that Australia will be asked to contribute to a multi-national force. Having a common airframe with our allies improves interoperability. Having the most technologically advanced aircraft possible improves lethality and survivability.

  6. Be Alert not alarmed, Australians are ordinary decent people. And the bullshit war on terror costs plenty the hungry mighty military industrial complex of the new world order demands a fiscal contribution of participants to the ‘free world’. What else could it be. Paranoid madness .

  7. Because it is our role to act like a high school pimp between the ‘major’ players, never daring to imagine independence for ourselves. It is why the republic is so frightening to conservatives on both sides. Scratch a monarchist and discover a servant grateful for their servitude. Abbott is nothing if not a grateful servant to his God…or the monarchy as an earthly manifestation. He is a sick person.

  8. I have stated in other forums that this is nothing more than an old debt to the US military-industrials, now being paid. This was the secret meeting Howard had in Washington that committed us to joining the JSF purchasing. For Lockheed, this was a major coup – acquiring locked-in clients by virtue of US-leaning international agreement. And Abbott is now just icing the cake for Skunkworks and his controllers.

    That is why they are being bought.

    Labor would have continued to purchase some more of these unstable frisbees, but I would hazard a guess that the number would have been reduced.

    As has been mentioned by many, these machines are very flaky, to say the least – twitchy, fragile, and more dependent on software control than almost any other vehicle you can imagine. The computing power factor, in concert with quality and cost issues, is the Achilles heel. They *will* fall out of the sky. Just wait.

    To cut to the chase, these knock-offs of better aircraft are nought more than expensive show-piece trinkets, to be rolled out for demonstrations to awe-struck military/aviation nuts. They will almost certainly prove to be of little value in any imaginable conflict situation we might be engaged in.

    Strafing landed boat-people would be about the most applicable use of these things in our theatre.

  9. we should have refurbished the f-1-11s and used f-18 growkers for their escort.

    the elevens are twice as fast as the 35s

    the tail ring on the 35s destroys any concept of stealth

    ultra low frequency radar will be totally up to seeing the 35s by this decades end

    the usa navy has cancelled most of its 35 orders

  10. Geoffrey Watson SC seems a more formidable defender of democracy than any fighter bomber at this particular moment.

    • Good morning Mint Slice.
      Has there ever been a more perfect combination of avatar colour and name on this or any other blog?
      I doubt it.

      Watson to Williams: ‘By the end of this you are going to regret giving that answer.’

  11. Because the PM is a wanker!

    The F-35 is a dud cf. the Super Hornet, so he may be getting sucked in to a bad buy too.

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