A Decision

I will not pursue Mark Scott for any money. I will ask Sarrah Le Marquand, who has called me a woman hater and a white supremacist, for a quarter of her wages for the rest of my life, or half that and a grovelling apology, or a quarter that, and a debate with me in Sydney Town Hall.

She should note that I wrote a speech for Margaret Throsby that she gave many times. It is called ‘On Being A Woman’.

  1. Your natural good humour is showing through Bob. Only a lover of womenkind would be so forgiving in the face of such unwarranted misandry.

    The ABC, by way of fairness, should arrange such a debate as you mention. To wildebeest or not to wildebeest? The great debate. Male v Female. What is kosher about budge smugglers when worn by an ageing Walter Mitty? And obviously far richer topics.

    But would the ABC be up to it?

    Could they break the shackles of their conservatism and tango?

    Can they dance?

  2. Hating Bronwyn Bishop doesn’t make someone a woman hater, she’d still be hateful if born a man.

  3. doug quixote

    Certain women, and certain men for that matter, are deserving of hatred. This one however appears to be in the Rebekkah Brooks class, noting the absurd doubled consonants, the almost-pretty looks, and the Murdoch patent brownish stains on lips and tongue.

    But perhaps more deserving of pity than hate; although it hard to feel sorry for someone getting $200+k a year.

    • Good evening Doug, according to the rotund doyen of double speak 200k are the wages of a ‘worker’.

      • Hi Nick. It’s a rarefied level is it not, for those happily ensconced in the 1% to look down upon workers on $200k. Is it any wonder they look at unemployed persons askance?

        It is apparently their own fault they are unemployed, and they can partly atone by working for their pitiful allowance. Never mind that it is rather difficult to be seeking jobs, attending interviews and the like if one is shovelling crap . . .

        And all on 200 (dollars a week, that is).

        It may be Joe misread the $200k figure and thought it was $200 per week? Then again probably not, he really is that divorced from reality.

  4. You must be rattling somone’s cage, Bob, for her to single you out. Well done :razz:

    • Yes, the old Liberal Party is like cheap pair of trousers from China, rapidly coming apart at the seams.

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