Goldwatch (1)

The will be Ellis Gold pieces on Gerry Adams, Bob Hoskins and Neville Wran’s funeral in the next twenty-four hours.

  1. | will send money direct for ” Ells Gold” ..

  2. Bill Richards

    What is Ellis gold?

  3. Vale Bob Hoskins.

    I liked his method of assessing good film scripts.

    Cold bum test.

    “I take it [the script] to the khazi in the morning and if I end up with a cold arse I think: This has got to be a good script. If you notice you’ve got pins and needles you think: Fuck me, this must be a good one.”


    • Yes – in all the sturm und drang of this spurious Commission of Audit, I forgot to mark the passing of a wonderful, wonderful actor.

      My favourite film of his is ‘The Long Good Friday’ with a luminous Helen Mirren, and in a small, but riveting role without a name, Pierce Brosnan.

      He was such a joy to watch.

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