Confessional Blues

‘Sometimes it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission’, Tony Abbott’s Jesuitical squirm when he first announced, without consulting his party, that pregnant millionairesses’ fecundity bonus which became his albatross, has prefigured, lately, other tactical stumbles and pratfalls.

He did not let his party know he was planning to soak the middle class with a great big new tax. He did not warn them of the twenty-four billion he would squander, in some safe Labor seats, on a fighter jet currently useless in any conceivable war, or when he would shout its imminence. He did not consult them before he opted, when sprung, to keep thieving money from dead soldiers’ orphans.

He has a painful need for secrets which only his confessor, Pell, is privy to. ‘Unless I put it in writing,’ he said once, ‘don’t believe me.’ Or words to that effect. He kept, for a while from his knocked-up girlfiend the secret that he was not going to marry her, and called off the wedding a week before.

This is in character. So is his connection with the secret fund that persecuted Hanson, Ettridge, Kernot, Thomson, Gillard, Slipper, and his adjacent conspirator Oldfield into prison, ruin and political inconvenience. He thrives on secrecy, and will perish in its ever-tightening coils.

The figure he most resembles in literature is Billy Liar. Engaged to three girls, and in love with a fourth, and racing between them, and embellishing nightly a secret fantasy of his own goose-steppng dictatorship like Groucho’s in Duck Soup, he is endangering hourly his job in the funeral parlour and cannot be caught, held down, admonished and sedated. Tom Courtenay’s personality in the film resembles his closely. It is why we all think we have seen him before.

Can this farce go on? A leader whose party thinks he has ‘gone rogue’ cannot be sin-binned, gagged or threatened, and is behaving so unpredictably that Bolt, Murray, Shanahan, Hartcher, Van Onselen and Albrechtsen are agape and baying for his lethal injection.

When O’Farrell went rogue, philosophically, he was warned, then stalked, then framed, then pole-axed. When Buswell, repeatedly forgiven, goofed one more time he was encouraged into hari-kiri. This latter will happen to Abbott, soon. The stifled Newspoll will have shown the Coalition on 40, two party preferred, and Abbott as Prime Minister trailing Palmer. It is catastrophe for every party member not possessed of a North Shore seat, and something must be done.

It is likely Abbott will be encouraged into a depleting disease, tragically nameless and fast-moving, and retirement from parliament by August, and Hockey Prime Minister, smiling at grief, by June.

And we will see what we shall see.

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  1. I suspect right about now he’s starting to wonder why his god seems to be deserting him. Can it be Australia has become indulgent almost perverse enough to allow the rodeo clown play ring master.

  2. Billy Liar, nice touch, yes Billy Liar. Shredding the Christmas Calendars and flushing them ineffectually down the toilet having kept the postage money.

    You’re in fine form Bob, fine form indeed.

  3. Bob, as close as you once were to the man, you missed the clue… he
    ‘saw the light’, as any religous zealot of worth must to wage their destructive mission, very early on
    … it is that moment when his eyes were truly opened that Tony set himself on this road, arriving now, in full bloom, with equal religious insight and surrounded by fellow Christians, into how he must re-
    shape Australia… he has said it, it is on record, his goal is to RE-SHAPE AUSTRALIA… only, none of them are that bright and that is the real, potent danger… they might have had a chance getting a (in their true hearts)racial law rectified if they had left it down the line a while until the natives had settled into a colonisation mindset as they did with Howard
    (who, by the way, signed the original deal on those planes in a secret meeting in Washington)… the problem with jackboots has always been, once you buy a pair, the urge to put them on is just too, too overwhelming… still, there are even minded people at play, possibly never having seen the light and not knowing it exists, and they will see things right… climate change, given the activity right now by governments way, way bigger and smarter than Tony’s mob, by the time of the next election, will be the No.1 issue and it will consume him…

  4. Last night I put out some of those blue rat baits after being bothered by rats for days. Most of them are gone this morning. Abbott is the king of all rats,….. Now there’s a good idea!

  5. Each new photo I see of him reminds me more and more of Voldemort.

    • Not familiar with Voldemort…

      After checking and finding what he looks like, I have to agree with you, Rusticus.

  6. Billy Liar is spot-on. And for mine, Jay Gatsby runs him a close second as he’s one of the most self-deluded and characters in modern fiction:

    “The truth was that Jay Gatsby, of West Egg, Long Island, sprang from his Platonic conception of himself. He was a son of God—a phrase which, if it means anything, means just that—and he must be about His Father’s business, the service of a vast, vulgar, and meretricious beauty. So he invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby that a seventeen year old boy would be likely to invent, and to this conception he was faithful to the end.”

    F. Scott Fitzgerald
    ‘The Great Gatsby’, Chapter 6

  7. Alas, left out “self-aggrandising” after “most self-deluded”. :oops:

  8. Just on the PPL how did Abbott arrive here?

    If my memory serves me correctly, this all started when Labor was accusing him of being sexist, a misogynist. To prove he wasn’t any of these things, he proposes his version of a PPL, AND went way beyond what was required or acceptable in his party. Now he’s in a pickle.

    I always thought Abbott was a master at wrong-footing others, BUT now he has appeared to have wrong-footed himself.

  9. This obsession he has with a PPL I suspect is a desire to inseminate all worthy women of high income and standing, with his DNA. His attempt to do a Third Reich and purify the race.

    • I suspect is a desire to inseminate all worthy women of high income and standing, with his DNA from the shallow end of the gene pool.

    • Abbott specifically referred to “women of calibre” being able to have more children.

      As we know calibre refers to the internal diameter or bore of a gun barrel:

      Tony has a onetrack militarist sexist mind.

  10. Questions for Mark Scott (1)

    Is it now the mandate and practice of the ABC to provide a gratuitous platform for the promulgation of unsupported charges?

  11. doug quixote

    Then again, it was probably just an attempt at one-upsmanship that got out of hand. An Abbott thought bubble that actually lasted more than a day or two.

    Bourke needs a dogcatcher; the peter principle demands it.

  12. Questions for Mark Scott (2)

    I find that someone in my street is placing their garbage into other people’s bins.

    Can the ABC please provide me with a forum with to which to vent my spleen against this individual?


    Questions for Mark Scott (3)

    I think that the entire Liberal front bench should be in the dock for wanton avarice.

    I have proof.

    But will not pursue the matter for fear of turning them in martyrs.

    Can the ABC please provide me with a prime time slot in which to discuss further my magnanimity?

  13. Oooh shit! I’m on a roll!

    Questions for Mark Scott (4)

    Please define your legal and ethical responsibilities to those voiceless souls who find themselves victim to the apocryphal rants of those you’ve granted with a tax payer funded platform?

  14. Questions for Mark Scott (5)

    When did the ABC, under your stewardship, decide that calumny was an irrelevance in our modern media landscape?


    Questions for Mark Scott (6)

    What role do you see yourself and the ABC having in overturning centuries old common law?

  15. Oh dear, sorry about this everyone :oops:

    Questions for Mark Scott (7)

    Have you forwarded by initial correspondence to the ABC’s Audience and Consumer Affairs department?


    Questions for Mark Scott (8)

    Is it still the ABC’s policy and obligation to respond to my letter of grievance within a certain time frame, say 30 days?

  16. I like to refer to Billy Liar as the Captains pick of the B Grade Politicians. Watching Commission of Audit now breath taking cuts.

  17. “‘Sometimes it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission”

    No need to wake her up. Just do it and tell her you’re
    sorry in the morning.

    • Marilyn Monroe thought that if a man can make a woman laugh, he can do anything with her..

      I don’t think Tabbott has managed that too often, so he has to use brute force…I’m doubtful about the apologies in the morning….

      • It seems that you spend a lot of time obsessing about Abbott…

        • Yes, I do, I find him the worst possible leader we have ever had. I’m not impressed with Cormann, Hockey either, and I almost hate Morrison.

          I’m pleased with the fact that many agree with me.

  18. “So please this idea, somehow, that everything we have ever said is going to be held against what has moved on us because the previous Government basically misled the Australian people about the state of the budget, is kind of ridiculous.”

    How articulate this Joe Hockey is, how clear of mind, how competentent a treasurer!

    An MRI might show the gastric band has migrated to his brain.

    But fear not. He has reassured me “However, we are keeping our promises, we are keeping our solemn promises.”

    (solemn – oh right)

  19. Unfortunately, Troy Bra-Snapping, Chair-Sniffing Drunk-Driving Leadfoot (nine speeding tickets while Transport Minister) Buswell did not quite finish the job off…he will be back in the WA parliament next week in his capacity as member for Vasse. King Colin thinks this is a good thing. As I said on another post, the Liberals absolutely believe that ruling us serfs is their birthright and they can treat us however they bloody well please.

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