The Monster Ellis Exposed

SARRAH LE MARQUAND: Well, yeah, like most journalists I’m very passionate about freedom of speech and, of course, they say the best way to test the veracity of that conviction is by thinking of someone whose views and work really offends you and just how passionate then are you about them exercising their right to free speech.

So for me, for example, I might nominate Bob Ellis as the most offensive writer in Australia, because just when you think his misogyny has reached an all-time low, he manages to outdo himself. But would I take Bob Ellis to court and claim vilification? I wouldn’t and the reason I wouldn’t do that is because to do so would actually be to make him a martyr in the eyes of him and his supporters and it would actually confirm his world view, which is that he is the poor repressed white male and I’m the evil woman trying to destroy the world.

So I think this is probably an unpopular view with a lot of people but as media consumers and every single one of us is media consumers, we need to be very wary of how we respond and how much power we want to give to those who offend us.

On that note, for the record, I have just stopped reading Bob Ellis and, honestly, I have never been happier.

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  1. She works for Murdoch, enough said.

  2. If you have stopped reading. Why write? I still read and some times join in even though we don’t always agree.

  3. Any word fom the ABC?

  4. Sarrah
    >The truth is truth matters so be truthful<
    Don't follow the line of some one who dictates to you if you have to do this it is time to change your Job to a more relaxed one that is important to you.

  5. “The Mountain Remains Unmoved at its Seeming Defeat by the Mist” Tagore

  6. I have never for a minute ever thought of Bob Ellis as being “repressed”.

  7. I bet she’s back reading Bob Ellis now. :mrgreen:

    • What the fuck?!?

      Goddamn Agent!

      What have you done?

      You have surprised me beyond measure.

      What can I say?
      Hello Barbara, lovely to meet you.

  8. Her comments brought me along as a subscriber and I think two others followed me!

  9. So true he is very addictive in his work.

  10. I bet she’ll be glued to this blog for weeks.

    How addled can someone be?

  11. At least she drew attention to your site Bob, which got me signed up. Keep the pressure up, an outrageous slur.

  12. She is said to be referring to Bob’s contribution to the ABC’s Drum article of 2011

      • “could be” ain’t good enough.

        Demand specific references of the “misogyny”, and of it having “reached an all time low”.

        SPECIFIC examples.

    • But that one is 3 years old. I think Marquand’s complaint is more likely related to the article ‘On Being 72, Almost’ on Ellis Gold with its new take on the female orgasm, an original, interesting idea, but one that will be considered outrageous by many.

      It was also a pre-emptive strike to protect Andrew Bolt from the usual well-earned accusation of bigotry, and to please her boss, which is, of course, very important.

  13. Edbard O'Mahoney

    A rant from a rambling woman almost incoherent in her hurry to be spiteful.

    If she were a man you could challenge her to a duel at dawn tomorrow ………… but she’s not.

  14. On our farm, the giant combine harvester would pick the corn and later the grubs would move in to finish off the kernels left behind like crumbs.

    Just like in the media landscape where Le Marquands have arrived in numbers. The harvest is over but they scratch away till eaten by myna birds.

    Journalism once was the first draft of history.
    Now it is the face of entertainment.

  15. Terence Mills

    I substituted Andrew Bolt for Bob Ellis: it works well.

  16. Sarrah Le Marquand. Now there is a parallel universe for observation if there is one.

    ‘his misogyny’

    ‘poor repressed white male’

    At least she makes it clear which clichés are being channelled, no matter that it is down the barrel of a blunderbuss aimed at the sky. making a lot of noise, attention seeking, completely inaccurate, and whose real intention is to use Mr Ellis as a dog whistle to her constituents, and who she thinks an easy and usable target (Ellis).

    Her silly tirade is meant to whistle up lurid details of Bob’s past which represent a kind of truth to her small mind. This fits comfortably with the well known obsession, much observed, that conservatives have with the intimate details of other people’s lives.

    Her outrage is confected, twee at it’s core, completely dishonest. She is using Bob Ellis’ far greater reputation as a writer to foster her own. She is a user. She is a joke.

  17. More fame! Take it from where you can get it…even if it comes from the gutter.

  18. She practiced that in front of the mirror

  19. At some stage in the future we will be able to excise individuals from accessing the rights and protection provided by, let’s say for argument’s sake the sex discrimination act.

    It would be like duck hunting season.

    Quack, quack Sarrah.

  20. Doug Cameron’s interruption of Ms. Le Marquand’s spiel was spot-on and returned the conversation to reality.

    Doug said, to paraphrase, “The idea that Bob Ellis is the font of bigotry in this country is ridiculous”.

    We all know where the true font lies.

  21. Barry Tucker

    Sarrah spent most of her time on Q&A framing the debate and telling people how to think and how to see things. She is the Opinion Editor at the Tele after all.

    The figures she gave for Murdoch’s News Corp newspaper titles ownership (23%-33%) were absurd and designed to paint a much smaller picture.

    She said the “much touted figure of 70%” related to metropolitan readership and later added the figure is due to the fact readers prefer a News Corp paper. In fact, in four State or Territory capitals, there is no competition to Murdoch. It’s not a matter of preference, it’s a matter of no choice.

    In capital cities, News Corp owns 7 of 12 titles, or 58%. The competition owns 5 of 12 titles, or 41.6%.

    The only claim of Sarrah’s I have not yet been able to confirm is the figure of less than 1% for “self-made women millionaires” in the Australian workforce. What, I wondered, is a self-made millionairess doing in the workforce, working for a miserable salary of $150,000.

    • And Good ‘ole Boy Turnbull said Murdoch had no more influence in politics today, than when he had a couple of newspapers.

      Future PM., him.

    • You do realise that readership and ownership are two very different things do you not?

      And there’s plenty of choice. There’s TV, Radio, Internet. Newspapers are a very small slice of the media pie.

      • O, Really, O’Ryan? Radio TV and internet commentators scour the newspapers for “stories” that they can use, retail if you will.

        They study the papers overnight and voila! they have the next morning’s “news”.

        A small slice of the pie perhaps, but the one with the sauce.

        • LOL.

          That’s right Dougie. The people in charge of those instant content delivery systems like the Internet or TV stations, they just sit around twiddling their thumbs until they get the morning paper.

          Pull the other one genius, and wake up to the 21st century.

  22. A bit more fact, a bit less opinion.

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