Outsourcing Our Conscience

This nastiest of governments will send refugees now, genuine refugees, actual refugees, to the Killing Fields and pay big money to ‘settle’ them there.

My son Jack’s novel Mango Rain is set in Cambodia. It’ll be out next year. Reading this draft of it, I’m glad he doesn’t live there any more. There’s a lot of street violence in it, starvation, AIDS, abuse of children. Half of all Cambodians want to live somewhere else. Now more of them will.

This whole thing, ‘outsourcing our conscience’, a bloke on Agenda called it yesterday, begs a lot of questions. Will the refugees have jobs? What jobs are these? Will they get support from here? Will they be encouraged to whore themselves if they are children? Will they be allowed to visit their cousins in Australia? Will they be allowed to visit them for six months? Will they be allowed, if they pay, to come to university here? If they qualify as doctors, will they be let in to treat the sick in country towns here? Or will they be blacklisted, not allowed to join their husbands, mothers, children here, however qualified they are, for even a holiday?

The whole thing is contemptible, and not just for these reasons. It’s contemptible also because, as MH 370 shows, boats are getting through all the time. If you can’t find a plane that big in eight weeks, how can you find a boat that small in three days?

Morrison’s not been telling us how many boats have set out, lest we ask Indonesian witnesses how many more have. They’re clearly coming in via Western Australia, and in packed meat trucks getting to Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Morrison is meantime harbouring two murderers and the Governor-General should sack him and the Commonwealth Police — or the ACT Attorney General — arrest him for perverting, or attempting to pervert the course of justice.

A nasty, nasty government. It always was. But now it’s plain to everyone how nasty it is.

  1. Bob
    Scott Morrison is running into a problem with this egregious policy,I understand that the populace of Cambodia are asking for reciprocal rights: they want to come here !

    But seriously it makes me feel ashamed to be an Australian citizen, to think that we would bribe a dictator to allow us to avoid our clear responsibility to these unfortunate people.

    • Terence, I was angry and disappointed after Monday’s Four Corners…
      How can we treat people so inhumanely is beyond my comprehension.
      Were we caned too much as the kids, and now we pass on what was done to us; we call it nicely ‘tough love’, but it has brutalized us instead of ‘making men’ of us…

  2. As we would say hear here

  3. Daniel Jenkins

    Contrary to Bob’s description, Cambodia’s a pleasant and remarkably peaceful country. And it’s very open to foreigners as long as they’re not Thai or Vietnamese.

    • Refusing to comply with the UN refugee convention as the lawless Tabbott and Morri$on have done is not at all compatible with any pleasant and remarkably peaceful country even if very open to foreigners – when that country has the reputation of Choeung Ek

  4. “What will these hands ne’er be clean”.

    The thread of guilt revealing permanently bloodied hands follows the Macbeth power-couple from the time of the old king’s assassination through the play to the bitter end…the more Abbott and Morrison scrub, the deeper the stain and the deeper the enveloping panic that comes of a realisation of the reality of eternal retribution, for premeditated unconscionable cruelty in the cause of self interest, self advancement and graft.

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