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  1. Sort of half a problem – wonder if anyone else has struck it….

    Ok access from my PC but not able to login to Gold via my iPad. So any tips? Polite ones.

  2. Hi kvd, you should be able to log in through your browser on the iPad. It works for me. Is anyone else having the same problem? Just a note, both your username and password are case sensitive (capital letters) and some of your user names have spaces in them.

    Please let me know if you continue to have problems with the iPad. Safari seems to work.

    The Argus

  3. I signed up over the weekend and have not yet received my password.

  4. Argus, not to distract, but in case you are asked again – I had my Safari set to “Private Browsing” and “Never Accept Cookies”. If I turn off PB but leave Cookies at ‘Never’ still no go.

    Only by allowing Cookies does the login work.

    • Hi Kvd,
      Thanks very much for that. I’ll keep it in mind if others have the same problem.

      The Argus

  5. Love the photo Bob.

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