Certain Housekeeping Matters (107)

A portrait of John Faulkner will be up soon on Ellis Gold.

  1. Looking forward to it, Bob.

    We are about to lose a giant, and be left with pygmies.

  2. Klondike Rob

    Bob, I suggest you start a new regular post, like your “Certain Housekeeping Matters”, which tells the free readers what’s been posted on Ellis Gold over the past week. Make it a regular feature, same day weekly. As well as listing new Ellis Gold content, spruik the product and encourage people to subscribe. Remind them they can give it a try for as little as $1. (You could even quote the subscription cost in terms of fractional cappuccinos, your favourite currency.)

    • Klondike Rob

      To add my own personal endorsement – Ellis Gold is Ellis writing at its best – wise, witty, eloquent, insightful – and inciteful. A week’s read for the fraction of the price of a Happy Hour schooner.

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