Certain Housekeeping Matters (106)

My reflection on sex in the seventies, A Quite Unloseable Game, is now completed, and can be read on Ellis Gold. It’s cost me a fair bit of pain and I commend it to you.

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  1. How do I log into Gold on this page ?

  2. Since this “reflection” by Mr. Ellis goes beyond my powers of expression, I will just recommend it wholeheartedly to others without a comment.

    • There’s so much good stuff to read at Ellis Gold, almost too much…I find it overwhelming, almost.

      I think I’ll say something here and then something new pops ups. It’s different to the usual political bashing we do here, so give us some time Bob, to digest it all…

  3. Bob, love to read it but do not have my password yet – sent email to help some days ago but nothing so far. Perhaps I paid too long ago?

  4. Bob, sex in the seventies is just a little different from sex in one’s seventies! But your account of things now is well appreciated. You live a rich life. Vas y! (go for it – in French).
    Love your work more every day.u

  5. Sex in the seventies. A delightful ambiguity.
    Sex as it was back then, in the 70s?
    Sex when one has hit the age of 70?
    We always. the media thrives on telling us, need a guide, in either case.

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