Certain Housekeeping Matters (105)

Ellis Gold is up, but I’m not sure anybody’s reading it. Will those that are put up the occasional comment?

It’s awfully quiet out here.

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  1. Give us a chance Bob; I am still munching my way through earlier postings. And very tasty too, I might add!

  2. I know how to do it. Stop banning people for life then they will be able to read the posts and comment

  3. This is an occasional posting. Note spelling of occasional.

    • A more helpful posting. You need a link on your public page that takes the reader to a log in for your subscription restricted site. Unless a subscriber bookmarks the subscription site it is a bit clumsy to access it.

      You could include on this hypothetical log in page an explanation/advertisement about becoming a subscriber.

      Do you have a business plan for this subscription venture? Marketing plan?

      • Up the top of the public page, hit the “subscribers page” button.

        • Thanks. Not exactly obvious. as I thought this was a link for taking out a subscription. The link arrangement provided is bloody awful. After a couple of clicks you end up with a stream of items. There should be a table of contents, perhaps modelled on a monthly journal, with links to the individual items. Every month a new table of contents.

          Is that greeting, “Howdy Klondike Rob” a personal greeting or are others given the same “Howdy”? Curious to know. G’day for Australian? Kiaora (sp?) for New Zealanders?

  4. Bob, perhaps what could be useful is a parallel comments register for pieces on the subscribers’ page able to be seen on the public page showing the number of comments for each particular piece, it may act as an inducement to some when they see some action going on on one page or the other, heighten curiosity and hence the participation rate.

    How about this,invite Sarrah to outline her argument against you and put it on the subscriber only page?

  5. Sorry I didn’t subscribe Bob, in the end. I’m not an arty farty person, just enjoy kicking tory and green heads, and reading political discussions. If you charge for access to this part of the blog I’ll pay.

  6. Paddy If you want to kick Tory heads and bring Abbott down,kicking”green heads” will serve no purpose..
    .without the Greens prefs et al …Labor can NEVER govern again…i’s as simple as that..the Greens are here to stay,,,see WA senate result…it’s the ALP that’s in trouble…in a sense the ALP didn’t win a seat in WA Senate result…the DLP ..with Bulloick..did

    • We in the ALP need to learn some things from the Tories. They know how to campaign and win elections. They refused to parlay with the PUP/Katter/Greens. We need to realise that the Greens will whiteant us and we need to fight them to become the progressive party in Australia. Greens are either doctors wives worried about wombats or commos in my book. ALP need to get Bob Ellis writing speeches for them again. I’ve read more light on the hill and sensible fighting stuff here on Tabletalk than I’ve heard from Billy Shorten’s gob in six months.

  7. I’d be reading it Bob, but for the lack of a login p/word. The Argus has notified me of my subscription okey-dokey status, but I wait, still, for Argus to forward the door code. Can’t you tickle this along a bit… it’s been several days since the EFT into your account?

  8. Bob you make me laugh everyday. I can’t remember a time in politics when a Prime Minster has unsettled so many people in such a short time.
    Fair din Kim everyday when I get up their is another drama.
    I can’t wait for Clive to enlighten us about his plan for Australia I think it may be something that we will warm to.

  9. Bob, there are heaps of half-finished conversations (or half-started ones) that may need to be wrapped up before the new format sticks.

    BTW – this format is a tad easier to read, and takes up less space, I think.

  10. I used to be a voracious reader, but I’ve slowed down these days.

    Give us a chance to digest your sumptuous feast, Bob.

    Too quick a meal can cause indigestion, and there’s enough dyspepsia amongst the conservatives to make anyone ill.

  11. Alas, what you write about politics, and revisit, and the general anxiety about the current incumbents, it feels like a luxury to be indulging in mere literature. The zeitgeist is heating up in the dark, in the absence of the oxygen it normally get from the MSM, waiting to burst into incandescence. I agree with Paddy, charge to be on this blog. I would pay. But what is the sweetener to get the punters in? Fuck that sounds pretentious! I am a punter! Maybe go the other way round and let people read some LIT for free and ask them to pay for the blog. I’d pay Mr Ellis. A terrible blow to the ego I know, that people eschew your wonderful writing in the search for a place they can all agree in. It is what it is. Unfortunately for your writing we live in appallingly interesting times. I promise to open up GOLD more often. For my sake.

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