A Prediction

I’m not sure about this, but it seems to me pretty likely that Abbott won’t be PM on July the first.

He’s already behind Shorten as preferred Prime Minister, and ICAC may show him, soon, to have been involved in funneling money into the slush-funds of his party for fifteen or sixteen years.

Many of his caucus think him mad. He will be made to resign on the grounds of an unspecified illness, and Hockey elected unanimously to succeed him. Hockey will sack Morrison, expel Sinodinos, and make Corman Treasurer.


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  1. Un specified illness he is just senile or mad take it from me i,m almost there and only 66.Watch him talk he cannot think and talk so the first thing that comes is spewed out while waiting for the minder to help through his earpiece if she is not too busy doing women things.

  2. Abbott has admitted setting up the Australians for honest politics slush fund in 1998 to attack the One Nation Party. He clearly has form and has never disclosed who most of the donors were and what benefits if any they received for the $100,000 they donated. What is the difference between that and what the ICAC are currently investigating??? I know one high profile businessman who told me he gave money to Abbott on several occasions when asked.

  3. Mr Ellis, this is a pretty COOL prediction and Millions of Australians will agree, but what authority have you to predict this miracle publicly. Do you know something we (ordinary people )don’t? Cheers, Ana :smile:

  4. The ICAC is already sniffing around Abbott’s hindquarters.

    Both he and new NSW Premier Baird may have connections to the slush-fund funds which the Looters thought so very clever.

  5. Kathy Jackson, Kathy Jackson, Kathy Jackson, Kathy Jackson, Kathy Jackson.

  6. And he’s now copping a whipping from Bolt!

  7. These things are so hard to predict. At the beginning of this month, who would have thought that O’Farrell wouldn’t be Premier now.

    • Pedro,I had my dear Sydney friend visiting here, an American and a Labor voter. We both felt sorry for O’Farrell, but to my surprise he said he never liked Gillard.
      Both of us think that Mal is miles better than Tabbott.

      • Helvi, As you know I’m quite the opposite – a Liberal voter (at last two elections) but perhaps to your surprise I never disliked Gillard.
        Like you and your friend, I also felt sorry for O’Farrell. As for Mal, he should hang in there. His day may come. :smile:

      • It’s not a surprise to me. I remember when BOF got caught calling Gillard “the ranga” in a tweet.

  8. Not Corman! Why Corman?

    • Geoff, maybe because Corman is from the German speaking area of Belgium, and most Germans can count very well.

    • Helvi, you beat me to this one.

      Why Corman? Because he will increase the vote from both the Belgium and German community. :grin:

  9. Edbard O'Mahoney

    Where is the Member for Wentworth in all of this?

    Hockey would be the perfect Liberal to lose an election. Even his own party will be glad to see the back of him.

    The only team who can save Abbott is his PR team.

    There are more than whispers of conspiracy on the internet among those more au fait with the art of money, about a meltdown or bubble burst in China and the global ramifications thus. In these times we need the compassion of the Labour Party not the austerity of the Right.

  10. I’ve found very interesting the AEC results declared yesterday for the WA Senate rerun.

    1. Chief point of interest is that the 7.2% swing against the Lib-Nats is bang-on with the 7.3% that PUP picked up to win a spot. A year ago Abbott’s mob would have thought that getting their legislation passed through the Senate was going to be a smooth road – - – - – now, the looters government faces a minefield.

    2. Labor’s #2 candidate, Louise Pratt, narrowly missed out on the final spot allocated by only 12,127 votes to the #3 Lib-Nat candidate despite the epic debacle of rogue-elephant candidate Joe Bullock being given the top spot of Labor’s ticket. Bullock appears to me a good bet for Labor’s first major defector to Clive Palmer’s party, so it might be prudent for the Labor Party to expel Bullock before he does any more serious damage with remarks protected by Parliamentary Privilege. After all, there’s no way of guessing when he will vote against Labor, as is his custom.

    If Bullock remains in the Labor Party, then it is to be hoped that Ms. Pratt will take up the unpleasant duty of proving to the public that there are voices of maturity in the WA Labor Party and cease all bellyaching to the media about him.

  11. Abbott will get rolled because he’s lost his marbles. They don’t trust him. Neither do we. Not one of those currently behind him are suitable for the job.

    The lot of them are a lazy pack of arseholes who never put a moments effort into developing any genuine policy in 6 years of opposition. Malcolm is too centre, Cormann is far too right. Joe is just Greasy, which might just see him slip in.

    However, one has to ask if any of them will be left to fill the vacancy after June. Tonight the lead story of the SMH oline is about the Liberals now insisting on constituents paying for access to the PM, Ministers & advisors. They have learnt nothing from ICAC.

    Can someone please explain to me how this Liberal ‘pay for access’ scheme isn’t corrupt? Surely this fits the definition of official corruption. Isn’t this exactly what the ICAC in NSW is after developers, Di Gironomo et all for? You pay, you get to lobby, you get preferential treatment (& decisions in your favour). It is anti democratic. It is corrupt.


  12. Hockey elected unanimously to succeed him.

    Abbott appears to be using hair dye and Hockey doesn’t.

  13. The Liberals are in free fall collapse and are going to drop to unprecedented lows in 2PP. There is no way back for the Liberal party. As they descend to new lows in popularity they will become an even worse government. More scatter brained;, more petulant; more repellent; more extreme right wing and they will be annihilated in the next federal election.

  14. nsw libs both reps and assembly have gotten into power by participating in a criminal fraudulent enterprise and so when is marie bashire going a recall parliament and dismiss the lower and upper housrs and call another election..?

    surely this whole escapade makes clear that fixed terms are unconstitutional..?

    will Labour challenge this situation in the courts..?

  15. Hillbilly Skeleton

    I think your assumption that Joe Hockey would take over from Tony Abbott is awry. As far as I can see it has been Joe Hockey’s fundraising arm that has returned donations from AWH already and that is probably only the beginning of the trail of dirty money that has made it’s way to Mr Hockey.

    Do you remember the story about the paid backpackers who campaigned for Hockey in 2010, or was it 2007 when he was up against a credible Labor challenger in the former ABC weatherman? That suggests a level of financial resourcing on a massive and co-ordinated scale. They’re all in it up to their necks and it seems that the higher up the greasy Liberal pole you go the more resources are allocated to you from the ‘Black Ops’ slush funds.

    I wonder just how far into the murky world of Liberal/donor back-scratching ICAC has been able to go? That will be the only limitation to the fallout.

  16. It is odd that Abbott will front the MH370 search thing, which in my circle of friends and acquaintances is of little interest, and yet Hockey and Corman (Richard Kiel if you need an actor) front the Commission of Audit press conference.

    He is either considered inept and inarticulate, or they will use Abbott to absorb the attack. This is radical signature Economic Policy and the PM was not there to announce or lend support, take the kudos or reject the coming clamor of opposition.

    At the earliest opportunity the ALP should direct all of its questions in regards to this matter to Abbott and Abbott alone, and look for tell tale signs of Hockey rolling his eyes every time Tony fucks it up.

    The ALP must leave Hockey and Corman swinging in the wind in regards to this Audit and make Abbott the go to guy.

    • It is almost like a Hawke Keating situation, Allthumbs.

      You could look at it as Abbott being a shrewed little poo house political rat, keeping well away from something so smelly. Letting Hockey & Cormann wear the odour. But then, since this is his governments big grand plan for Australia’s future, it is extremely odd he as PM isn’t front & centre.

      A better analogy might be Ron & Nancy Reagan, with her trying to prop up Ronnies’ demented state. Is Peta playing the part of Nancy?

      • Success has many fathers; failure is an orphan.

      • Yes Hugh, she probably gave him a yo-yo and left him in the green room amused and satisfied, proud to have almost mastered “walking the dog” by the time she got back to take him for ice cream and a fizzy drink after the press conference.

  17. This is gold. I hope the prediction is made flesh.
    As an aside, a cursory diagnosis via WebMD says it’s pancreatic cancer, early-onset dementia, and aspirin poisoning that ail the prime moron at this time (all based on visible observations). Or if there is no actual illness, one will be engineered. Perhaps.
    Put one more smile on my face, and I will subscribe.

  18. Gosh, AsGrayAsGray – no-one has taken up your challenge to put a smile on your face:

    would this do it?


  19. Tony Abbotts Government is Just a pack of smart arses as they claimed the carbon lovey was a tax.

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