Further To Mark Scott

I’m surprised to have got no response from you.

I repeat, I was grossly defamed with a falsehood no-one would wear lightly, and I need compensation.

Please organise an apology, or a payout, or a balancing appearance for me on Insiders or Q&A, or an interview on Breakfast, or a regular spot on late-night or morning radio, or The Drum which I used to write for, or I will sue you for the maximum sum, which I understand is 350,000 dollars, plus costs.

Do not imagine I am kidding.

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  1. Go for it Bob.

    I watched Q&A and was gob-smacked.
    Been reading this blog for a few years, and have read several of your books.
    Subscription from me in mail soon.

    Phil Kelly

    • Phil ,it all seemed to come from nowhere, all of the sudden we jumped from discussing the Bigot (Brandis) to Bob…

      • Yes, totally Helvi,
        Was it only last year that I was waiting for a haircut, and saw the Terrorgraph Conroy front page?

  2. Bob, stick to your guns.

    I too think you have a basis for a claim. Even if you have problems arguing financial loss (it seems your subscriptions are about to go forth and multiply) punitive damages should nevertheless be available.

    Try the lawyers who acted for Abbott and Costello in the “join the libs and you can fuck me” case.

  3. Bob, I reckon that speech sounded rehearsed, watching it again, obviously orchestrated and planned beforehand. If she had said Bolt instead, it would have made more sense.

    • I agree with others that Bob should do something about that Murdoch girl,who got irritated because Jones was neglecting her, and concentrated on the more civil, and smarter guests.

  4. Bob, seek the counsel of a lawyer friend.

  5. Bob, have you actually sent this to him, or are you just hoping he stumbles across your blog?

  6. Ahhh, she is just a blonde.

    Ditzy, after the fashion of Asbestos Barbie, Fiona Gnash, Michaela Ca$h and Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin offshore, altho the later is dark haired, unhappily all her strivings have yet to make her blonde, but she’ll get there if she works out the colour can be artificially obtained from a bottle and then she can dye by her own hand.

    • Michaela Ca$h :smile:
      Asbestos Barbie, I had to think about that one, there’s indeed something Barbie like about her…

  7. “all of the sudden we jumped from discussing the Bigot (Brandis) to Bob”

    Yes Helvi – and the connecting link is?

    The debate about free speech.

    Table Talk is a haven for free speech and now the host will receive revenue that could have gone to Rupert the greedy.

    Poor Andrew Bolt – speaks bigotry freely and is dragged into court and fined.

    Did anyone take an interest in the matter of the free speech excercised by Donald Sterling billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team and like Sir Andy Bolt fond of making racist statements.

    See how public opinion is brought to bear on bigots when they make racist statements.

    Here is a transcript from the Democracy Now telecast yesterday

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