Certain Housekeeping Matters (104)

I will put up, progressively, on Ellis Gold, a dozen or so of my pieces that show I am not a hater of women but something more like a fellow-travelling male feminist and thus persuade, if I can, the ignorant Murdoch blonde Sarrah Le Marquand to apologise and offer me a quarter of her next year’s salary lest I sue her, and the ABC, for rather more.

Watch them as they come out. They are fairly convincing.

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  1. I have never heard of her before…but then I don’t read that paper which has a reading age of seven and propaganda. I deliberately didn’t google her today as I didn’t want to add to any interest in her. I don’t find you to be a misogynist.

  2. Sarrah’s latest tweet, 8 hrs ago….

    “Thanks for all the kind feedback re #QandA. (Plenty of haters too but most of them can’t spell which makes it hard for them to find me).”

    The impeckable logick of a one-time soapie writer turned wannabe celebrity aspiring to become another Janet Albrechtsen, when the casting couch is free.

  3. It sounds from Q and A thst her name is pronounced the traditional way that “Sarah” is. Yes, no? In which case it suggests that either she or her parents couldn’t spell. Maybe neither nor.
    A bit llke Farrah Fawcett, who wanted her name pronounced not to rhyme with “jarrah”, as it is spelt, but as “Farah”, as in “faraway”.
    Maybe it’s a blonde thing. Well no, that’s an undeserved slur. Odd spelling of names is just a bogan thing.

  4. I’ve been reading this blog for about a year, and in my opinion there’s absolutely no basis at all for that woman’s assertion that you, Bob Ellis, are either bigoted or a misogynist. You have every right to pursue whatever means you wish, to clarify your position, and defend your character. Good luck!

  5. This is what Sarrah said verbatim:

    SARRAH LE MARQUAND: Well, yeah, like most journalists I’m very passionate about freedom of speech and, of course, they say the best way to test the veracity of that conviction is by thinking of someone whose views and work really offends you and just how passionate then are you about them exercising their right to free speech. So for me, for example, I might nominate Bob Ellis as the most offensive writer in Australia, because just when you think his misogyny has reached an all-time low, he manages to outdo himself. But would I take Bob Ellis to court and claim vilification? I wouldn’t and the reason I wouldn’t do that is because to do so would actually be to make him a martyr in the eyes of him and his supporters and it would actually confirm his world view, which is that he is the poor repressed white male and I’m the evil woman trying to destroy the world. So I think this is probably an unpopular view with a lot of people but as media consumers and every single one of us is media consumers, we need to be very wary of how we respond and how much power we want to give to those who offend us. On that note, for the record, I have just stopped reading Bob Ellis and, honestly, I have never been happier.

    She is a liar, a coward, and a libeller.

    • Well done for the reprint Dali.
      The final point about ‘never been happier’ I find highly suspect; it’s forced, it appeals to some ersatz emotion, and it stinks to high heaven of some 12 point program:
      ‘ since I gave up whiskey, I’ve never been happier’
      ‘ I’ve stopped gorging myself on potato chips at midnight and, honestly, I’ve never been happier’.

      Weird or scripted?
      Or both?

        • Tease out the story Bob; probe friends and acquaintances, cajole principals, intimidate informants, unearth connections…..
          Do it; you know people, call in a favour or two, make promises, accept IOU’s, give IOU’s, buy people drinks, listen to their drunken ravings, pretend to be a friend, pretend to care….

          Get to the bottom of this cowards bizarre revelation.

  6. My comments were printed finally:

    “What ‘wild side’ were you walking on when you accused Bob Ellis of being a misogynist? Do you have evidence I have missed?

    Do you apologise when you stuff thingsup?”

    Dali (Reply)
    Tue 29 Apr 14 (12:14am)

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