Certain Housekeeping Matters (103)

To the extra ten thousand readers browsing this blog today I would mention, mildly, that they can read as well, for a dollar a week, in Ellis Gold, further film, book and theatre reviews, large reflections, comic poems, a novel-in-progress, and old, classic Ellis pieces from the last four decades that have not yet, in some views, lost their immediacy, plus the many articulate, uncensored responses of the regular readers, whose conversation you could join.

If you punch up ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Non-Paypal Subscription’ you can log in, pay a dollar, and find out if you like it.

  1. 10,000 x $50 = salary? may be

  2. And – holding no particular candle for Bob, except an appreciation for brilliant writing – may I suggest to the browsers that they head straight for three pieces: On McLelland; On Love; On (nearly) Turning 72.

    Worth every penny of the farthing involved in the subscription.

  3. Bob I am trying to send you $50 via paypal, having difficulties, and it would be my doing, keeps asking me for my password over and over again and I keep giving it over and over again. I will give up soon.

  4. I guess the recent spike in bloggers on Table Talk justifies the decision to keep a part of the site open for public commentary.

    Well done.

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