In The Wars

(First published by Independent Australia)

Signs of a twilight war between Hockey/Cormann and Abbott/Credlin grow by the hour. Pensions at seventy (Hockey) have tanked after private polling, but so have the billionaires’ baby bonus (Abbott), and a Great Big New Tax (Hockey) is now the go, thus proving you can tax your way to prosperity, and it well may be that Abbott no longer has any power over policy, any more.

It’s likely too that both camps will be dangerously stained by the onrolling ‘culture of criminality’ ICAC show that, in the next month, will start a good few bribesters grassing and more Liberal MPs resigning their party membership. It’s pretty certain Abbott has had a meal or two with Di Girolamo (he’s had a meal or two with me) and pretty likely he’s received, in the past, good money from that thug’s poisoned water hole for one or more of his campaigns, and so – perhaps – has Hockey. Never before has a government eight months in power had so little authority. Never before has a Prime Minister looked such a dumb-bum.

No Newspoll, though one is due, came out this morning. This indicates a precipitous fall in the Lib/Nat vote two-party-preferred in an honest count that has been suppressed and a big surge to Palmer, who now controls eleven seats in various assemblies and will control the Federation, pretty much, on July 1. It’s certain his power will grow and Abbott’s shrink in the next week, and the next month, and the notion that Abbott has power, power over anything, will be out of date by June. By then Scott Morrison will be in the searchlights of the Senate and the Governor-General and may be on a slow march to prison for harbouring two murderers and covering up thirty or forty atrocities that it was his duty to reveal to the voters. By then it may well become evident that Abbott has drop-kicked to corporate mates not just the universities’ money but the decade-long search for MH370 in the wrong part of the ocean at a cost, over time, of hundreds of millions of dollars that could have been better spent elsewhere.

No precedent exists for the present situation, the present crisis in our democracy. In the Caribbean, in South America, in some former African colonies there have been governments as hated and mendacious as this one. But never here. It’s likely now that not just Shorten, but Palmer, and Plibersek, and Albanese, and Hockey, and Turnbull, would beat Abbott in a face-to-face poll as preferred Prime Minister. It’s likely the Liberals’ ‘core’ vote, never more than 32 percent, is down now to 25 or 26, and the party, long-term, is crashing and burning like the Democrats after Meg Lees signed on to the GST.

It’s hard to imagine a worse lead-up to a Budget in peacetime, and so it goes.

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  1. To a world now attuned to The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Borgen, ICAC is going to be more interesting than a Royal Commission into the Unions.

    Who feels any sympathy for the demise of the bonnet ornament Bernie Ecclestone a very rich man by any standards, squirreling away through tax avoidance another squillion dollars earned by robbing tax payers offered up in sacrifice by Governments around the world to stage an event of high speed chasey? Ron Walker perhaps?

    The scrutiny of the rich and powerful is always more interesting to the public, it is the revenge of wingless flys and it couldn’t happen to a better bunch of people.

    I am hoping ICAC will dumbfound us like it did poor Ukrainians when they were allowed to tour the palace of the recently deposed Ukrainian President, in hushed whispers and eyes started in their sockets when they saw what they always suspected was going on under their noses and at their cost.

    • Some images from another lunatic’s fantasies of grandeur – Ceaucescu’s Palace in Bucharest:

      Are ICAC’s hearings open to the public, does anyone know?

      • Check their website gw. It seems pretty extensive from memory.They do provide transcripts of all evidence given. I read sidodinis fumble his way through questioning. Cheers

    • Abc news has a story on ICAC and there is one of those quirky interactive ball things.
      I touched the Nick De Girolama ball ( I know, I know) and this amazing thing happened: every ball moved and a series of connecting lines drew each shady muthafucker into his orbit.

      I think we’ve just found the Lib version of Eddie Obeid.

      • The Yanks would have a charismatic guy running the prosecution maybe with a Bronx of New Jersey accent to make the thing come alive.

        The bald headed soporific narrator is killing this and extracting the juice from the meat.

        Do you have a link to the kinetic balls, does it ring like a pinball machine Fed?

        Hubris is a terminal condition, prone to contagious outbreaks.

        I want it all to be true.

        • Front page Abc news online.
          Header: ICAC told ‘ something stunk’

          Bottom of the page – dancing balls.

          Who thought that reading of the internal graft and money lust of the Liberal party could be so much fun?


          Couldn’t sleep last night.
          So I watched Blue Jasmine and Osange County
          And the winner of the Katherine Hepburn Descent Into Madness in a Performance Other than a Tennessee Williams or Eugene O’Neill Play Goes To:

          Meryl Streep.

          Quite outstanding stuff.

  2. Morrison should be sacked, he is not fit to be our Immigration Minister.

  3. A possible precedent for the Abbott/Hockey Looters government to survive all their egregious blunders and scandals was the 2004 re-election of the Bush/Cheney presidency. Don’t y’all remember when PM Johnny Howard was Bush’s “Deputy Sheriff” and “Man of Steel”?

    Our mainstream media will, with rare exceptions, continue to cover Abbott’s political arse. My only hope is that PUP, Labor and Greens Senators provide us with perspicacious oversight and make the Coalition pay some political price somehow…….. sometime.

    Following quote is from John W. Dean at the end of Bush’s reign in 2007 when Dean published ‘Broken Government’: His having been convicted of a felony as one of Pres. Nixon’s Watergate co-conspirators gives Dean salience, if not sagacity, about power politics.

    “Republicans have taken Nixon’s disgraced tactics and approach to presidential power as their starting point. They have learned that if caught, deny it. If that doesn’t work, ignore the fact you have been caught and just keep doing it, and claim you have the inherent power to do so. They can get away with it because right-wing talk radio and Fox Cable News have become the cheering section that did not exist during Watergate. As for oversight, during the first six years of the Bush/Cheney administration, the Republican-controlled Congress could not even spell the word “oversight.”

    • ..the last paragraph describes our Liberals to a tee. Abbott is very fond of the expression ‘crystal-clear’, just about everything to him is ,well, crystal-clear…
      I don’t know if he can spell it :smile:

      Sadly many things are kept secret from us, so not much is clear to me.

  4. What peace time The Liberal National Government is at War with its lower earners and education, climate change that it claims that is to expensive yet can play war games with useless Jets of the future.

  5. no moderation.

  6. ‘Never before has a Prime Minister looked such a dumb-bum.’

    Seriously, the man is a sock puppet, kick-started at the break of day by his CoS as she intimately removes the nocturnal sackcloth, washes his trembling flesh and applies the cilice to an upper thigh, left sided on the odd and right on the even days. A fleeting grimace is the only reaction. Brian looks on approvingly while Socky prostrates himself before a portrait of JWH in puzzled obeisance as the puppeteers attach his strings and rewind the mainspring.

    With preparations done, the moment approaches that signals Socky’s peak point for the coming day; Peta draws close and with that moist pink tool of hers, gently licks at the droplets of blood beginning to congeal at the base of the cilice rings, her hands all the while cupping the budgie whilst she murmurs sounds of encouragement and Brian looks on approvingly.

    And the flies on the wall all shiver as one.

  7. And amid the possibilities, it might look like this if Socky was your housemate.

    • Right on Ron – and Canguro at times goes beyond any guruI ever knew and since his hops, yeast and malted barley are stored in a pouch for brewing the beverage of the druids and pharoahs he becomes a goo-roo by any other name – Iberian
      or Anangu too.

      It is word play and e need a bit of a laugh to keep up our spirits in these times of Tabbot tapeworm filth.

    • My spelling let me down there

      …any guru I ever knew…
      …and we need a bit of a laugh..

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