Certain Housekeeping Matters (102)

There will be reviews of Tracks and Hannah Arendt on Ellis Gold as soon as I am apprised of how to put them up. I also intend a meditation on Mad Men and Breaking Bad and what they tell us of America, now and then.

There were fourteen more subscribers yesterday. Spread the word.

  1. Somebody set me straight please.

    Access to posting on these pages will continue unimpeded, is that correct?

    And parallel to these pages sits Ellis Gold, which is pay for view, yes?

    So here in the bleachers the crowd can continue to comment, crow, toss tomatoes at whom or whatever, but to go through the looking glass comes at cost?

    [note to self: please pay more attention to matters that matter.]

    • Note to self: where the fuck did I put the notebook and the wineglass?

      I have no idea, Canguro. A friend (who has posted here on the subject of Utzon and Sydeny Opera House), doesn’t know, either.

      “..When shall we three meet again; in thunder, lightening, or in rain?”

    • Bob has repeatedly said that this Table Talk platform will continue as before with minor changes like the availability of the monthly primate poems and other premium content for which he rightly requests remuneration via subscription from all those who can afford the cost.

      We should see this as a 5th estate experiment in how talented content providers can receive remuneration for their creative efforts while at the same time providing a free forum for debate and free speech.

  2. Pay for view or not, he is to be congratulated for running something on Hannah Arendt.

    • Did you watch Four Corners , why are we treating the asylum seekers so badly, that a grown man, an ex-army bloke, could hardly speak when talking about the Manus riots.

      Why treat unnecessarily cruelly?I’m speechless…

        • It was putrid.. The lies that have been told about this place and what goes on there.

          It is a concentration camp, not a detention or assessment centre.

          And the Christian minister, lying his guts out..
          “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”.

  3. Very upsetting to watch. Young and alone a Somalian youth assaulted and beaten that caused this man to cry.

    Bob has warned us how bad this really was and like the present Royal Commission into child abuse, stolen generation, will also be shown to be so cruel, with far reaching implications on our integrity worldwide.

    • Yes Judy, and before on 7.30 seeing how those poor English boys were treated by the god-fearing Catholic priests, heart breaking, where does all this cruelty stem from…

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