An Open Letter To Mark Scott

Dear Mark,

A woman called Le Marquand on Q&A called me ‘anti-woman’ and said, in front of perhaps two million people, that the best thing to do about me and my vile misogynist opinions is not read me.

Can you or Tony Jones apologise to me publicly for this?

In the last eight weeks I have published essays in praise of Doris Day, of the wonderful feminist films Le Weekend, The Invisible Woman, and Tracks, the pro-woman series The Paradise and Downton Abbey, an essay on sexual love and, in the piece that inaugurated my new website, apologised on behalf my gender for how we treated women, and especially pregnant women, in the twentieth century. This first appeared a day ago.

In the year before that I praised in my columns without caveat the actresses Mia Wasikowska, Lindsay Duncan, Meryl Streep, Amanda Bishop, Essie Davis, Judy Davis, Cate Blanchett, Isabelle Huppert, Fannie Ardant, Lauren Bacall, Ava Gardner, Julia Moore, Kristin Scott Thomas, Robyn Nevin, Kate Fitzpatrick, Emily Blunt, Emily Mortimer, Emily Watson and the late Wendy Hughes, and the late Penne Hackforth-Jones, as well as the politicians Anna Bligh, Tanya Plibersek, Natasha Stott-Despoja (who launched two books of mine), Carmen Lawrence, Nicola Roxon, Jane Lomax-Smith, Vini Ciccarello, Penny Wong, Lara Gidding, Kristina Keneally, Shirley Williams, Glenda Jackson, Anna Lind, Clare Martin, Aung San Suu Kyi and Maxine McKew, and listed among my favourite authors Penelope Lively, Penelope Gilliatt, Joan Didion, Iris Murdoch, Olga Masters, Doris Lessing and Charmian Clift.

I have portrayed in my various dramas Rose Lindsay, Marilyn Monroe, Vivien Leigh, Bea Miles, Anna Murdoch, Edith Florey and the heroines of Newsfront, Goodbye Paradise, The Nostradamus Kid, Man of Flowers, My First Wife, Perhaps Love, Down Under, Neon Street, Fatty Finn, Opening Night and The Legend of King O’Malley and received not one complaint or request for rewrites from any of the actresses portraying them.

I have been with the same wife for forty-eight years and cannot, on most counts, I believe, be said to be ‘anti-woman’ or ‘misogynist’.

I ask that you, or Tony Jones or, preferably, Ms Le Marquand apologise in a public way, please, very soon.

It is only fair.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Ellis

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  1. I felt that women was wrong on all counts both you and Abbotts PPL she was their to talk up this sham of a Government

  2. Her name is Sarrah Le Marquand – described variously as a bleeding heart inner-city feminazi” or a “redneck from the hate media” – she writes largely vapid opinion pieces for that famous feminist paper The Daily Telegraph.

    Today’s effort was called “Taking a walk on the wild side” an essay on the perils of irresponsible jaywalkers. Yup.

    Perhaps leaving a comment on her page might call her to account.

  3. You had it coming Bob

  4. Was just watching that, and I read your stuff all the time bob, ya great :) I was quite puzzled ut j think it’s got so ething to do with that piece on the military royal commission. Which I think was taken way too seriously. The The Australian write much worse trash every day, conservatives like albretchson should be fired.

  5. The least that Q&A can do is to have you on their panel in the very near future. Any less than that and they are demonstrating a denial of free speech and balanced comment.

  6. I think there will be a public apology over this – most likely on next weeks Q&A.

  7. I think this person was instructed by superiors to recite lines containing the key words
    most offensive writer in Australia
    Bob Ellis

    Note the context in which the outrageously false statements were made. The Murdoch organization demonstrates they are well aware of the free speech being excercised on Tabe Talk and have equated it with the unlawful use of hate speech by Andrew Bolt to which the tyrant Brandis responded with his unilateral moronic intention to grant rights to bigots to intimidate and oppress the vulnerable.

    Murdoch has used the Daily Telegraph to telegraph to all Table Talkers that free speech is now fair game for them.

    Here we speak truth to power.

    I agree with those who’ve said that the free ABC advertizing will draw an audience to TT. Be aware that surveillance of our activities here has long been going on and seems likely now to intensify.

    There could be no more encouraging sign that that the courage and audacity of all who speak freely here has begun to put the squeeze on the traitors.

    Step up the pressure on the malefactors, please.

    • And Turnbull preceded the outburst by calmly stating that Murdoch had no more influence on Australian politics today than when he only owned a couple of newspapers. Co-incidence?

      The visiting journo (name?) calmed him down by saying Murdoch’s influence is fading in the UK because of the sleaze scandal.

      Turnbull just jutted out his jaw a little further.

      • I’m so pleased I don’t have to see Abbott on the Q&A, I would not be able to erase his smug face of my mind…resulting into a sleepless night.

  8. Who is choosing the tweets displayed on screen and how long have they been employed in that position?

    I hope that you can see the funny side and let your lawyer do the sweating. You are a good man.

  9. Bob, if it were me I would construct a far more….outraged letter.
    Something like,

    From what rancid backwater; what ruinous membrane, what pus unctuous region of some decripit and calamitous and clearly malevolent mind did Ms. Marquand drag, befouled, glutenous and curdled, this preposterous accusation??

    Common decency and the strictures of 1000 years of jurisprudence demand that she produce unambiguous proofs to the satisfaction of myself and my legal representatives.
    I demand and expect, lest the stink of complicity shroud your being, your full support, and that of Q&A, in this most foul and treacherous matter.

    You will be in receipt of a comprehensive statement of my claims by weeks end.

    Bob Ellis.

  10. Hey Fedallah, how did you get through the portal so seamlessly? A day ago you were enquiring about payment options and now you’re in the pay for view section, while I on the other hand have also coughed up, languish, sans response, sans password.

    Who’s ear did you get into?

    • Ah there you are.
      Thank you Canguro.
      Life is a series of little losses, it seems, and some big ones.

      I’m in next door, but it smells of fresh paint. I like the cheap seats.

    • Ahhhh Canguro,
      I wish it were that I could concoct some elaborate tale of mystery, romance, a train, a murder, a false accusation, a blonde, a man with a thin moustache…..

      Alas, I can not.

      I don’t know how it happened.
      I just walked in, dropped a comment, and walked out.

      My money order (thanks Argus) is on route and as so have neither password nor entry key.

      Let me know how you get on – I suspect that I too will have the same issues.


      Today I go out out and have lunch with a man who is looking for artwork for his swanky new apartment.
      He is a lovely man.
      A surgeon with exquisite taste in wine, Chinese antiques, and crass sports cars.

    • Hi Canguro,
      Your subscription is active, but the email you have listed here bounces back.
      Please send an email to and I’ll send you your temporary password.

      All the best,

      The Argus

      • Dear The Argus,

        I have complied with your request. Expect a passcard any day now.

        Thanks and Regards,

        The Kangaroo

  11. Jones’s compering of Q&A is less than compelling, even fatuous. ABC TV bends to the constraints imposed on it by what it perceives to be balanced comment, as insisted by others. Ditto Fran Kelly who has never recovered from her ‘Degree in Post Modernism’ whether she acquired one or not. There are facts most of us take for granted and the clash of those facts with other peoples attitudes and behavior can leave us outraged. But Jones and Kelly insist on interpreting them in true PoMo belligerence, like angry ducklings. It’s a tease they perpetrate, always unfulfilling. They can both miss so badly it’s egregious.
    The Angry Ducklings.
    Pass it on.

  12. Remember how Julia Gillard was continually called a misogynist by abbott and the liberals, and then Gillard gave that famous speech. Calling the female prime-minister anti-woman. And they are now doing the same thing to you.

    It is all part of the liberal party bullying tactics. They must really fear social media to mention you.

    • You’re confused. The Liberals called her a bad PM (and she was indeed sacked by her own party). Criticism of the PM was labelled “misogyny”, so she called Tony Abbott a misogynist. When under fire, refuge is refuge.

      • No, you are. Abbott stood in front of stupid people holding vicious signs and he had to because he didn’t take a day, an hour, a minute off her in question time. As she achieved in the policy room they ratcheted up the politics, which is what they are very good at, for a time. Until they run out of bluster, which is what is happening now.

  13. Cheer up everybody. After a brief pause ICAC has started gushing again. I think they have hit the main sewer this time but….maybe not.

  14. Andrew Bolt recently complained of being slandered with the label “Racist” by a Q&A guest. Perhaps you could request a “right of reply” for yourself and Bolt, then a debate between yourselves on contemporary issues. I understand that you previously expressed the suing was the hobby of rich liberals:

    • Penskyville: Would you sue?

      If it assured you of an interest payment, every week, of three hundred dollars, would you sue?

      Please answer this, or (alas) be banned for life.

  15. QandA is more entertaining than informative, I think that woman was waiting her chance to say that it was so obvious. You won’t get an apology from her she is one of those self righteous pompous Tele bottom feeders who give women a bad name just like her stable mate Miranda not-Devine. They’re hard cases I’m afraid.

  16. Bob, you are not anti-woman nor a misogynist. I don’t think that woman knows the meaning of the word. Here, for her benefit, is a meaning. “Misogyny, like racism, is when you condemn a person for what they cannot control, ie misogyny is when a woman is attacked for being a woman – racism, when a person is attacked for race, most typically because they ‘look different’”
    Bob, you criticise people for their attitudes, behaviour or stupidity, something which they can do something about.

  17. One of my reasons for being a devotee of your Table Talk is the respect and inclusiveness you give to women.
    I have respected your writings and opinions since the 70s and hope for many more from you and your marvellous supportive wife Anne and your family.

  18. I think you should invite her to lunch and have a chat, a serious discussion,a wide ranging discussion over wine and good food, and you should film it and make a short documentary.

    “My Dinner with Sarrah”

    A document for the ages.

    • Bob as Jean-Louis Trintignant,

      Sarrah as Maud?

      Hmmmm, maybe Bob as Maud and
      Sarrah as John-Louis?

      Work with me here allthumbs; this is your area.


      What the fuckkindaname is Sarrah anyway?!?

      • It’s a name like Rebekkah, or Jayson, or Traysey.

        And a never-ending burden on children doomed to keep spelling it.

      • A conversation, because I believe Bob could seduce her with argument, turn her to an acolyte, a mole within Murdoch Incorporated.

        I see a bright day lit restaurant half empty room, white table cloth, high class cotton napery lots of glasses, waiters coming and going, splashing whites and glass hugging reds the occasional sommelier being waved away half way through his spiel of forest floors, mushrooms and honey infused pine cones.

        Three or five courses, friends and strangers coming to the table and saying hello wishing good appetites.

        Sarrah all speed and rehearsed argument, Ellis all patience, slow voiced, the hound dog beagle eyed look.

        Directed by Marieke Hardy.

        Maybe even Depardieu for Bob and a young Huppert for Sarrah.

        It’s raining when they leave that strange grey day, Ellis in a Bogart trench coat.

      • “What the fuckkindaname is Sarrah anyway?!? ” Fedallah

        Actually, her parents named her after SARRAH(Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health)

        “SARRAH represents a workforce that is essential to addressing the health inequality for rural and remote Australians.”

        Rumours that if you play her backward you get HARRAS-sed are unfounded. I checked with her father Willlllliam and her mother Dawwwwwn.

        • Here is an actual picture of her older brother Steeeve Le Marquand.

          • Side splitting laughter before 6am!

            Good man Dali!


            where are you now?
            And is there a flame licked brunette straddling your back, kneading some soft tissue?

            Send pics.

            • I leave the daylight hours to your care Fedallah, while I turn in for the night – cool clear night with ozone laden breezes coming from the north, the tramontana (across the mountains)

              Where?? If you click the Readership widget at the foot of the right panel up there and zoom in on the centre of the Mediterranean, that solitary glow over Malta is your man right there – unless the glow is only there when I am here, something I cannot myself check of course – like trying to check if the fridge light goes off when you close the door.

              My back is straddled only with worry about my wide brown land orbiting slowly into a winter of such discontent, and anbout what awaits the downtrodden on Thorsday when the Treasurer leaves the silk sheets provided by his millionairess to preach to the house and the nazion about the need to gastric-band the lives of those whom they plan to throw overboard.

              • Oh, well said, Dali!

                I stared for hours, hypnotised, as the brownochre earth rippled below the aeroplane’s wings just a few days ago, entranced, afraid.

                And wondered what on earth she had done – she who had lived so long, and borne so much already – to have deserved this punishment. This gross indignity of being belittled by this ratbag tribe of politicians who know so little, and assume so much.

              • You were quiet for a while there Dali – I hope all is well.

                Let me ask: have you ever seen Caravaggio’s ‘Beheading of The Baptist’?

                Tell me about it.

                • Many times.

                  In a nice touch, Caravaggio scrawled his name in the blood oozing out of St John’s neck.

                  All is well here, and I should write more, so I shall.

                  How’s the peninsula?

  19. I think it says more about the show QandA . Tony Jones does need to apologise – and for a lot of things. This being one .

    Jones is dropping the ABC standards in to commercial channel standards. I have been a strong supporter of the ABC but not while “some” are there on huge pay packets while dropping standards of our national broadcaster. Shame on them. After many many years of interviewing both politicians and experts Jones still doesn’t have knowledge to correct misinformation on shows like QandA unless its for a wind up the audience reason. Nope, history will show some on the ABC are spooling it and that will be THEIR legacy.
    One twit brought it to a conclusion.
    Laurie Ferguson · 13h

    ‘Doug Cameron covers the reality of sectarian bigotry and it’s impact while the News Limited journo harangues on her tiff with Bob Ellis’

  20. Along with Sharri Markson, I think Le Marquand is earning her stripes for a future presenter position at what will possibly be, Channel Fox 10. It is the Ailes/Murdoch formula to employ and groom hit fatales such as Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin and Megyn Kelly.

    Marquand’s bogus attack, heralds Table Talk is perceived to be undermining to the predatory conservative matrix, educating many and exposing much of the transnational and Murdoch methodologies.

    • “Once upon a time, there were three little girls who went to journalist school. And they were each assigned very hazardous duties but I took them all away from all that and now they work for me. My name is Rupert.”

      • “There was a fourth little girl named Van Badham, whose glow the other three girls despised. Van possessed a treasure they would never acquire. The more Van stayed true to herself, and gave that truth a voice, ever brighter did she shine.”

        Few now, remember Rupert, and fewer still – those other dull girls.

  21. Perhaps it goes something like this. Bob Ellis represents to the Murdochian mind the other side of the seesaw on which Andrew Bolt sits.

    Sarrah names Bob Ellis as the most offensive writer but would not take him to court, and here is where she gets the narrative wrong, because to do so would make him a “martyr” in the eyes of his followers, and enable him to play the poor put upon “white male” and paint her as some harridan female persecutor.

    And yet that is what Andrew Bolt has insisted upon, the forced apology from the ABC, the forced apology from Marcia Langton, a proposed change of laws on the statute books given a top priority by the Government, the popularity of which change the public do not support, making Bolt look nothing more than a set upon oh poor me white male, a girlyman in the Murdoch stable.

    • Has the doddering cuckold, as Bob refers to him, taken serious offence?

    • Allthumbs, it was that qualification, the one you mention in your second paragraph, that pissed me off the most.
      It’s the sanctimony of the coward – to name and slur, then retreat to the rationale of charity and justice.

      It’s an appalling tactic and one that brings immeasurable shame to the perpetrator.

      • I know you were “cranky” with me in regards to the Crowe thing, and I was reminded of what Hamlet thought of young Fortinbras to find offense or argument in an egg shell or something like that, to be stirred to action for the sake of argument which was your point to Canguro, I think?

        I didn’t see the need for your protection because I can’t think of anybody if they so wished was not able to come back, Ellis is forgiveness personified.

        Nevertheless good to see you back and Bob is in fine fighting form don’t you think?

  22. I’ve read several of your piece Bob and can’t say that I’ve noticed one piece of misogynistic prose or anti-womanness! I enjoy them immensely. :grin: You most definitely deserve an apology after Andrew Bolt demanded and received one for a piece of nothing. This is a far more serious piece of slander in my opinion.

  23. Any more expletives required? Try

    Dumpster Juice

    Wank Stain

    Any advances on those?

  24. I expected Bob Ellis to be traumatized and take the day off. Must be made of tougher stuff than Andrew Bolt.

  25. Sarrah was obviously one of those banned for life.

    Sour grapes is the proper food for Murdoch apologists.

  26. Sarrah Le Marquand has once again trotted out the line that NEWS only own some 30% of the press in Australia and the fact that b70% of the population buy NEWS papers is a question of choice rather than dominance.
    On Q&A she also trotted out ‘men receiving holiday pay and sick leave at their normal rate of pay should mean that new mums should be similarly treated when on maternity leave: she does not seem to understand that the former are workplace entitlements paid by the employer and the latter (PPL) is a taxpayer funded benefit paid by Centrelink : that is where the problem lies.

  27. Murdochist filth.

  28. Dear Bob

    I think you’re taking this the wrong way.

    There was something disconcertingly extreme about Ms Le Marquand’s depiction of your writing as “misogynist” (old school 1960s libertine vibe, maybe – especially your defence of that pig Strauss Kahn- but misogynist? no).

    In my opinion, this needless off topic outburst on national television betrays a certain – and I’m trying to be careful here – fascination with you.

    Its the “doth protest too much” syndrome that ambitious young women occasionally express in the form of hostility, but often masks a certain repressed attraction.

    I’m sensing a certain tension that you occasionally (ok, always) see depicted in French cinema and that very occasionally manifests in real life- usually involving a certain ambitious young professional with “absent father” issues – especially if the subject is unwittingly jealous and intimidated by an older man who she otherwise finds repulsive.

    Lets face it – misplaced loyalty to the ALP aside, you can riff like Malcolm Young – whereas Ms Le Marquand is stuck slopping out the pigs trough as opinion editor of the Daily Telegraph.

    Ms Le Marquand’s frequent defence of upper middle class welfare betrays a certain privileged background and daddy may well not have been around much when it mattered.

    So my advice is do the gentlemanly thing and let her lose her shit.

    What she’s really saying to you is:

    “It infuriates me that I can’t write like that”.

  29. And I met Bob when he was advocating for the Bakhtiyari kids and Roqia in particular, than Cornelia Rau, single mother refugees stuck in Woomera. I have never, ever known Bob to be anti-women.

    Anne wouldn’t let him and Anne is one of the most amazing women on the planet.

    • Bob and his family even bought the Bakhtiyari kids some toys. It must have ripped the Ellis family heart out to see them sent back to the absolute horror of our own (coalition of the willing) making.

      I often think about this, such a compelling, if tragic, image.

  30. Finally braced myself for it, just watched and our Budding Rebekah Brooks.. a zombie.

    • It’s the new look, bigger than a dance craze, coming to your end of town.

      $$$$d$$$$, hit me with your zombie $mile.

      • The Americans have had the likes of Palin and Coulter dumped on them by US Murdoch, why would not something similar be dumped on us?

        All the faux misogyny/feminism stuff is just an attempt to lipstick the hard toryism, also it’s there for the preppie idiots to lap up.

        • There’s always a niche that will respond to that stuff, PW, – we had our very own moment with Pauline Hanson in recent memory.

          Perhaps we’re just a bit smarter this time around. I hope so.

          • Glow, I don’t trust Australians any more.

            They had years of watching stories about Austerity off shore before they ever had to vote for Abbott and yet still, perversely and capriciously, did that.

            • I have a rough hewn theory in regards to this Paul, I have thought about it long and hard, studied it, a veritable library of reference works litter my table dog eared and full with astute marginalian insight.

              But let us put that aside and go with my tea leaf reading non-factual sheer boundless imaginative guess work and fact poor gut instinct.

              We are the lucky country, and we have in the last decade or so done very well and we have told ourselves that the increase in housing prices for instance adding to our general wealth that it is a natural outcome of our business acumen, our perspicacity in all things financial.

              We have leveraged that wealth and gone mad with personal debt.

              But deep down looking at the rest of the world, we know it to be a sham and it is just a matter of time before we are found out (there is a name for this now called “impersonator syndrome”) to be nothing more than lucky, the stars were so aligned.

              We expect the punishment to come and that it will be severe and it will be soon, we feel it in our water. And so we elect the Tories, to do the job and give us our six of the best, and like the brief discussion on strapping and caning, we will take our cuts and be thankful for it.

              But the vast majority of us are not to blame, but we feel guilty anyway, because given the chance we would have done the same if able.

              Abbott knows it and Hockey knows it and they will not disappoint us, not at all.

              • Oh dear. I think you’re right, it’s a guilt trip, a national hangover from the great depression, the hard whip we must endure.

                • It is well-educated victimhood/entitlement.

                  • Generally speaking, zombies on the dole, if not, pig snouts in the trough, a rich country with a guilt crisis, therefore the need to expiate, to at least feign tightening the belt, because it’s all relative, some tighten a piece of string – no belt, we the loaded zombies with sacks of cats, all heading for the same dried up river. :cool:

            • I agree with allthumbs, but I also think that they voted in a fit of pique against Labor, not for the Tories.

              We shouldn’t misunderstand that.

              • Yes… Blockheads!

                All thumbs is clearly a like mind.

                I, too have pondered long and deep and not been able to do better than your esteemed self, rather my view parallels most of what all thumbs reckons.

                Glow Worm, they watched the Austerity Heist unfold across the world over four or five years from the vantage point of their TV’s and newspapers.

                Yet they still voted for a confirmed chronic liar and his gangstas, surely realising what sort of government they’d get.

                I am not offended that they would cut their noses off to spite their faces,I’d expect no better.

                But how dare they drag people like you people and myself, who took the time to think about what was happening and still malevolantly and capriciously dobbed us in for mutilation also.

                Like certain asylum seekers no doubt, I start to take a dim view of the propensity for exponential innanity of a large chunk of the Australian public.

                They should have had their fingers pulled out of the cake mix and their fingers smacked serially with a wooden stirring spoon.

      • Ian Drury has a lot to answer for.

  31. David Reynolds

    Actually, if it cheers you at all. I had not heard of you before her tirade. I thought anyone with whom she disagrees must be interesting.
    I googled you, read some of your stuff and now I’m on the IA mailing list.
    Love your stuff and…any publicity huh :smile:

  32. brian standlick

    this is the “opinion” editor of the tele we are talking about here and within a few seconds of her talking I realised that she was substituting Andrew bolt for bob ellis and the wingeing complainers were the good folk who sued bolt for his bigotry.hre idea was that they should not have sued bolt but stop wingeing

  33. I missed the relevant Q&A session on purpose.

    The sometimes predictabilitys of Q&As audience and panel loses out to some firm hi-fi volume levels of a favourite music album.

    I didn’t know of Sarrah Le Marquand till now, but I have indeed since read about her and her comments.
    Looking at several Daily Telegraphs in recent years had me drifting between sighing boredom and eye glazed stupefaction……I gave ‘em up again.

    The lady in question sounds like another of our numerous addled shoot-from-the-lip sh*t-stir commentators who seem to flounder in their own unfathomable verbal muck, sans any reasonable rationale.

    Another nasty loud and shameless cannon-mouth to be relegated to the irksome oicks box?

    I by chance happened across this site only a fortnight or so ago.

    It’s been a daily habit since then and I’m interested in what I see and read here, I too signed on recently.

    I have enough years of life and observant interest in this part of the world to know of and respect the endeavors of the esteemed Mr.Ellis.

    Tony Jones should initiate several most deserved apologies to B.Ellis

    Jones should also orchestrate a right of reply and maybe a free shot at her mouthy mug with a weighty worded cream pie.

  34. Tony Jones seems to have fallen in with the tories plan for the ABC. A slur on Bob Ellis was left go, and only Doug Cameron was left to defend. I am unsure if legally it can be defined as defamation. Are there any legal minds who would care to comment?

    • She seems to have engaged in the bogus “right” granted to her by the Bigot Brandis to all bigots who want to bully intimidate insult defame libel and otherwise abuse anyone who is not a member of any large gang private public or religious.

      She excercised that bogus right right by engaging in free speech she knew was blatantly false.

      Apparently the Murdoch gang are feeling the heat of the free speech on Table Talk that speaks the truth about the Murdoch gang abuses of free speech to undermine democracy and exploit the poor to extract wealth from the impovershed to enrich the already far too wealthy few greedy sociopaths already initiated into the secret patrimonial capitalist club.

      These psychopaths are convinced they own you and me and that we were born to serve and they to rule.

      They do not belong in civil society and are an existential threat to life on Earth.

      The tapeworm comes in many disguises. $arrah is a Murdoch agent.

      • Well said Mal, encapsulates the context of those few moments in which she slurred Bob. Free speech will never be silenced by such as her.

  35. I have read for years your constant defense of Julia Guillard against the appalling misogyny and outright bigotry used to vilify and humiliate her. The woman who probably calculatedly made those smears against your character and professionalism represents the higher levels of the Murdoch press who were amongst the worst misogynists in that campaign and she would not have done so publicly without their approval. I have been reading you for fifty years and I find her remarks quite wrong and offensive. I suppose they think you’re silly enough to sue them, thats the way wealthy powerful corrupt or criminal minds work. You know as well as any they own the justice system. Thanks Bob

  36. Roger Hawcroft

    Bob – you deserve an unreserved apology. However, from a career-bent, self-centred and pseudo-feminist Murdoch puppet “journalist” you are unlikely to get it.

    The thing is, the remarks should not have been let go by Tony Jones who’s snide asides and clear bias made the whole thing look like the “Malcolm Turnbull Show”.

    The idea of QandA is a good one but as long as it has a biased moderator & poor choice of panelists – we won’t get too much from it. The ABC is too intimidated by the threats of this government and, as a reult, has lost any semblance of independence that it had.

    Thank you for continuing to tell the truth and support justice and honesty in this country.

  37. This attack on Bob was clearly premeditated, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Turnbull was in on it.

  38. Sideny Sider

    Thank you for clearing this up Bob – I must confess I was feeling very confused and wondered if there was some other Bob Ellis person that blonde Murdoch person Sarah de whatever was talking about on Q and A last week.
    And I absolutely agree that they owe you an apology for such a personal and unsolicited attack – totally off topc for a start- sad that Tony Jones didn’t stop that ugly rant.
    I thought we could expect better from our ABC.

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