The Cruellest Month

It will be a while before we know what the Liberal backroomers did in March and April, to the nation and each other.

There was the plot, successful, against O’Farrell, the last of the North Shore Wets, and his replacement by a privatising, climate-change-denying, abortion-despising, surf-jogging, goofily smiling trainee priest.

There was the war between Abbott/Credlin and Hockey/Corman over millionaires’ pregnant wives and whether to punish the old with twenty years of misery this term or next.

There was the growing derangement of Abbott, who, after suffering lavish mockery for his plan to bring back knighthoods, decided to spend a hundred million, which would have saved Holden, on scouring the South Seas for scrap metal forever.

There was the bitter backroom quarrel, still going on, over whether to expel Di Girolamo from the Liberal Party or further soil themselves, as ICAC continued, with the buckets of money he was still shovelling their way.

There was the sharp, cold realisation that Shorten was pulling ahead; and, if Morgan was right, Labor certain to win a majority of seats in Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and, bizarrely, Tasmania. That the vote was where it was in November 2007 and it was not going to shift under Abbott and he like O’Farrell had to be shafted, framed or forged out of office or somehow made to quit for ‘medical reasons’. That those medical reasons might in fact be there, and involve, by the look of it, a form of early senility.

And then there was the difficulty of the Manus murder, and its cover-up by Morrison, and the evidence leaking out of what caused the riots in which it occurred, and how Morrison, the responsible Minister, was still concealing the names of the murderers (white, Australian, unpunished, still employed) whom he continued to pay handsome wages, thus impeding the course of justice.

And the way it was all coming to a head, with Hockey saying one thing and Abbott the other, and half a million Liberal voters, all over sixty, vanishing in a month.

And the moment approaching when the money-axing recommendations (work till you’re seventy, you bastards; don’t dare expect the pension if your house is valuable) would be aired, and Manus murder findings be looked at by 7.30, and the Senate begin to enquire into the Liberal Party’s ‘culture of criminality’, and Di Girolamo facing fifteen years and beginning to grass on everybody.

And the Last Post playing, and the Royals flying out, and the dodgy fighter-bomber looping the loop, and the vote staying stubbornly where it has been for three months now, and Labor landsliding everywhere, and Palmer quickly replacing the Nationals in every latitude.

And we will see what we shall see.

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  1. Many things will get worse, before we might get a well needed turn for the better…god give me strength to get through my days until then.
    What to do in the meantime; go travelling, hibernate, do good works, work for the charity…

    Taking it to the streets did not seem to have helped, it wasn’t given much, if any, publicity. Sigh.

  2. The perpetual problem for the federal Looters Party is who they can get to replace Abbott.

    Hockey? can’t even perform as Treasurer;

    Turnbull? most of his own mob hate him;

    Morrison? regrettably a possibility;

    Bishop, Pyne, Abetz etc – no, not this side of Fawlty Towers.

    So it looks like Morrison. :evil:

  3. And to think all those clown swore on the Bible.

  4. I suggested to a mate some time ago that I thought Credlin was nothing more nor less than a memory prompt for Abbott.

    • Peta looks like an irritated step mum to Tiny…’what have I done to get this one’.

    • What was your mate’s response?

      I think we will one day hear a lot more of the Troika of Loughnane Credlin and Abbott.

      Whether it be Borgia-like cuckoldry or seminary type threesomes, there is a heady admixture of the perfume of power in the PM’s rooms.

      • Tiny looks like he’s expecting a smack from mum…

      • As I said my mate had been thinking about it for a while too. Neither more nor less than brain damage. Just makes sense. Concussive brain damage. The Credlin /Abbott duo can also make sense if you think Catholic, unsympathetic fathers.’ Impress me but don’t expect acknowledgement.’ Abbott is the classic hyperactive attention seeker, of a father who never picked him up and gave him a cuddle. Credlin also seeks to impress her father in everything she does.
        Helvi your typo ‘Tiny’ is also a usable one.

        • All that might be true, Geoff, but he’s also the stereotype of the stalwart, assertive, sporty, blokey, aggressive all male man touted, upheld, honoured in our culture.
          No need for psychoanalysis. he’s what our culture values. Or men in our culture value: women tend to dislike him.

        • I’ve been thinking about brain damage being a factor in Abbott’s psychology for a while now. My brother, who is also a right-winger and climate change denier, also has brain damage, but not from concussion as Abbott has. My brother has suffered brain damage from alcohol abuse. Specifically, it has given rise to Korsakoff’s syndrome, in which he makes up stories, rewrites history, and lies to cover up his mistakes and memory lapses. Also like Abbot he has a strong sado-narcissistic streak. I think alcohol may play a large role in the psychology of many on the Right.

          PS. Bob, has Q&A invited you onto their panel so you can answer the charges brought up against you tonight?

  5. I wish that I thought that these were local issues at the whim of the foetal Tony Abbot, who acts like an embryonic human being.
    Unfortunately, I don’t. I believe that he is embracing attitudes that reflect a global shift back from a brief 1910 – 1960 change, and we are now reverting back to a Victorian era of rich/poor, haves/have nots, where the boot is kept firmly on the head of the populace to prevent them from aspiring.

    • Aspire all they like; they just won’t achieve.

    • FIK, you may be right, there may be long dormant instincts percolating to the surface of Abbott’s brain, like sulfurous steam in a fetid marsh.

      Or he may be twisted by his migrated childhood – deracinated, transplanted, a foreign weed in a bed of indigenous flora, a spiritual orphan with a stillborn vocation, a prodigal whose return to Albion was met with a left hook and a right cross, a cross between Tony Curtis and Alfred E Neuman, who hisses through the morning mist a burly griffin apparition in a full-body condom, chased by his insecurities, trying to find a country to call home. A seeker of asylum.

    • The irony of this is that everything about FIBRALS is aspirational , will narrow down their constituency considerably starting to look like a spooky handmaidens tale meets metropolis.

      • There’s more than a grain of truth in what you say, K speer – I’m surprised that Militärkommandant Credlin has not spotted the flaw in their strategy: narrow the constituency too far and you’ve bugger all left.

      • Of course it is!

        Aspirational is the Looters rhetoric.

        The reality is that it may be achievable only with Labor.

        The biggest of the Looters Party’s Big Lies.

        • Mark Latham was the first who used this term, to my knowledge.

          • You’ll have to give chapter and verse on that one. I think it was in Howard’s vocabulary from the 1980s. But :

            1530s, “action of breathing into,” from L. aspirationem (nom. aspiratio), noun of action from aspiratus, pp. of aspirare (see aspire). Meaning “steadfast longing for a higher goal, earnest desire for something above one” is recorded from c.1600 (sometimes collectively, as aspirations).”

  6. Print media is dying, we are told. One print media in Oz that must be hugely cash flow positive is a Fairfax “Senior” something or other. It is free, and evidently distributed around nursing homes, retirement villages and such.
    It is chockablock, crammed, stuffed, surfeited with travel advertisements, from bus trips to Dubbo to voyages down the Rhine with a butler scraping and bowing to you.
    Travelling is what older people do or want to do, or plan to do. Stuff our carbon footprint, they say.
    Irrespective of the popular stereotype, quite a few grandparents and older don’t give a hoot about their grandkids or youngers. Especially when it comes to issues like the pollution from flying. We deserve it, they say. Stuff the kids.

    • Ifonly, we cry. The reality for the majority is we are the unpaid minders of grandchildren, regular visitors to doctors who couldn’t afford their childrens private schooling & several new Mercs & a Roller without us. Apart from that, we hang out in forums like this voicing unwelcome opinion for of elected torturers.

  7. Let us wait & see what we see. Just how much guts has Greasy Joe got? One of the oldest political tricks in the book is to threaten fire & brimstone & deliver a feather duster.

    By now, a horrified LNP backbench are contemplating the possibility they will be one term Charlies. Five months ago, the majority were contemplating a featherbedded merry life on a politician’s salary, allowances & eligibility for a super super pension on three part terms of commitment. They’re already alarmed by the excesses of Brandis & Hunt.

    I suspect most of Capo Hockey’s big bombs will have fuses so long they need to be measured in light years.

  8. RE intro, are you saying Credlin is an even bigger fascist than Hockey?

    This is the woman we are supposed to feel sorry for, because she leaves her eggs in Abbott’s bar-fridge?

    • This is all very sinister!

      Credlin hails from Wycheproofe. She stores her eggs in the PM’s fridge? There be strange affairs afoot. Opus Dei is in the House?

  9. Aleksandr Shelepin

    Opus Dei IS the house.

  10. The Nationals have recieved ‘the tap on the shoulder’ that they should pack up their Coalition luggage and catch the next train to a coalition with the Greens… oh, you think that’s not on? Look at the strange couplings taking place on the land over fracking… there is a big change a-coming when the Party of the rurals is shafted by the Party of The Big End of Town backing the destruction of the farmlands…

    • To me this has been an obvious link for a long time. Sooner or later farmers are going to wake up their old Country Party died years ago. The Nationals of today consistently sell out the constituents by bowing to the Liberals. One only has to look at the Nationals financial backers these daya to see it is a party bought & paid for by the CSG industry. We see good ol’ Barnaby crying crocodile tears over the O&G industry, while he & other members sit on land right in the middle of CSG targetted farms in areas like the Piliga.
      I would have thought thinking rural communities would have hitched their wagon to the Greens long ago. Instead a few have gone to ex-national members turned independent.
      Many in the bush look at the success of greening projects carried out by Peter Andrews with envy & would love to adopt his techniques. These are mostly family based farmers. Sadly, National politicians are far more likely to back the big end of town’s large scale corporate plays demanding unsustainable broad acre irrigaion schemes in bulldust country.
      The Greens could go a long way to attracting country voters, if they could mitigate some of the more extreme anti farming elements.

      • Precisly my thinking Hugh. The country constituency is going begging.

        Just the fact that Clive speaks like a normal human being will win him votes in the bush.

  11. If we are going to invest in Stealth like airplanes for defense I would heartily recommend we purchase a number of Malaysian passenger jets and outfit them with the weapons accordingly, the enemy will never see us coming or going and never find us no matter how hard they try.

  12. I doubt that the next leader of the Liberal Party is even prominent today and won’t appear until the day they they are utterly thrashed by the electorate and abandoned by their corporate sponsors.

    Then “what rough beast, its hour come round at last,Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born”?

    Surely he couldn’t be as bad.

  13. In an exclusive interview with Guardian Australia, Appleby, who worked as a safety and security officer and a training officer on Manus between July and late December 2013, alleges:

    The immigration minister addressed a compound in late September, resulting in a state of “high alert” being called for riot, fire and self-harm. Appleby made these observations in a video diary that was recorded just days after Morrison’s address. The minister, according to Appleby, told asylum seekers: “You will never see the shores of Australia.” The decision to address asylum seekers in this manner, “put people’s security at risk, including his own”, and was a turning point in tensions within the camp, according to Appleby.

    Morrison’s office deny the above claims, but it sounds like Scott, doesn’t it? I can imagine he gave them the X number of days without a successful landing on Australian shores speech and for a second or two waited for the detainees to “hear, hear” him, maybe give him a round of applause or a praise Allah.

    Another tick in the box of his hundred things to do bucket list to enter heaven.

  14. ‘April is the cruellest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain’.

    Crash test dummies start your engines…

  15. Bob wrote:
    ‘There was the sharp, cold realisation that Shorten was pulling ahead.’

    Bill Shorten looked strong in a clip on Insiders saying Labor must move from a faction-based party to a membership-based party. He has belled the cat.

    Abbott’s purported tax on the rich is a gift. He is a flagellator. A Saddle Masochist. A monarchist who proclaims his wish that even the baby prince George, still at his mother’s breast, will one day govern Australia.

    Abbott is ripe for kicking back to the swamp from which he emerged, DLP slime still clinging to him.

    April has been a watershed month. A month that has a signature on so many powerful events.

    Who else shivered when Obama was so effusive in backing Japan in any conflict against China?

    Malcolm Fraser is right when he says Australia must find our own voice.

    What does Bob Carr say of this in his memoir of a Foreign Minister?

    • Even the little toad uses “anachronistic” about the Tabbott.

    • A99 wrote:
      “Bill Shorten looked strong in a clip on Insiders saying Labor must move from a faction-based party to a membership-based party. He has belled the cat.”

      And there in is the problem I see Agent99. It frustrates the the hell out of me the Liberals are doing their best to let Labor shoot their heads off, but when Bill gets his chance to shoot the bastards, he’s still talking about Labor, not the Abbott government’s crazy policies, broken promises, inhumanity, illegalities & straight out solicitation & acceptance of official greed & corruption.

  16. Qanda Murdoch Apologist Gives Bob a Blast!

    I see no evidence of misogyny. Certainly nothing to compare with that of the Prime Minister.

  17. What the hell was that ‘Sarrah’ from the Daily-Tele spouting on about tonight on QandA?!… Spare me days!! :lol:

  18. Misogynist? Editor of Telegraph says she won’t read Bob Ellis anymore. I nearly fell off my chair.

    Doug Cameron and Andrew Neill were astounded at this attack. (me too)

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