A Possible Punchline

It’s reasonably clear now that MH370 was hijacked, its transponder turned off, and made to fly somewhere we haven’t guessed. If it crashed, it may, like  United 93, have done so way off-target, miles from where the search is presently occurring.

Uigurs, I think. The passport thieves were ‘Asiatic in appearance’, their faith Muslim, their quest suicidal, their plans hairy, like Arafat’s hijackings in the ’70s, the weather calm, the night late. They may have meant to land in Kazakhstan, display the hostages in a world telecast, and, threatening the Chinese, make their demands — the release, perhaps, of  a gaoled leader, or a hundred imprisoned agitators awaiting execution.

It still may happen like that. Or it may have gone wrong.

Certainly, there was no explosion. And if the plane went into a dive there would have been a distress call, and at least one text-message from a fearful passenger, as on United 93.

A plane doesn’t just disappear. Ergo, it has landed. Or crashed somewhere else.

Give it two more days. And await, it you will, an amazing punchline.

Abdul Rahman said he ‘hasn’t ruled out a hijacking.’ Nor should we.

Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, Watson, must be the truth.

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  1. Planes do disappear your Royal Bobness… aircraft do crash, accidents do happen and the Loch Ness monster is not real.



  2. The latest map of the search area, just presented at 2am by Malaysian authorities, show search zones mostly to the west of the Malay peninsula. From the Straits of Malacca all the way up into the Andaman Sea, to the coasts of Bangladesh & India.

    This is looking more & more like a still secret hijack & hostage situation. There is no logic to these search zones otherwise.

    I don’t think it is Uigurs, Bob. Too sophisticated if this was a hijack & hide job.

    An un-named Chinese official is being reported as saying their military systems detected the plane changing from a 024 heading to a course around 333 & decending rapidly at the time it disappeared. That is consistent with crossing the penninsula & heading across the Anderman, possibly Bangladesh, towards a Central Asian republic.

    I wonder if the secrecy & new north westerly search zones might imply an unwelcome complication to events in Central Asia at the moment.

  3. Alan Joyce has hijacked it, and it came to Australia after the passengers were dropped off on Gilligan’s island.

    The plane is currently undergoing a respray in the Qantas colours at an undisclosed hangar in Melbourne.

    Next week he will try getting another one, this time he plans to hit the Singapore airport.

    Alan is on the record as saying,

    You know we’ve rune out of money so we have, the Qantas fleet is joost about fooked so it is. That Catholic bastard Toyne Abbott wouldn’t give us anoder shilling no he wouldn’t, r that’s roight a real bastard..

  4. God moves in mysterious ways, an abiding and unsolvable mystery is just what the world needs.

    Something enigmatic but less puzzling than the babblings of bookcase Brandi’s.

  5. Me, I’m plumping for mechanical failure. That broken wing tip (1 metre shorn off) may have caused undiagnosed structural weakness.

    My nephew, a pilot with Air NZ, put me onto this site for professional pilots.


    Here’s the latest

    It’s been sunrise in Vietnam for about half an hour now. I strongly suspect they’ll find the crash site in the next couple of hours looking at the Aviation Herald reports….

    “Vietnam’s Headquarters for the Search and Rescue operation of MH-370 confirmed receiving the report by Hong Kong’s Air Traffic Control Center stating that a Hong Kong based airliner reported a large field of debris while enroute on airway L642. A Thai cargo ship in the area was asked for assistance and has set course to the area but did not find anything unusual so far. A second vessel asked for assistance did find some debris. Following this finding Vietnam’s Maritime Search and Rescue Services (MRCC) dispatched a ship to the debris field.

    Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Department confirmed a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur spotted large amount of debris while enroute off the coast of South East Vietnam.”

    The question is, how did it end so far away from it’s last reported position without any contact? A bomb would have scattered debris all over the place far further back towards Malaysia no? Either a technical problem so severe it took out all communications or a hijacking/pilot suicide look most likely but suspect someone would have raised the alarm if a hijacking. After all, if it is in this crash site then they were only 50 miles from the Vietnamese coast (probably in range for mobile signal?).

    Cause is still a long way off knowing but does look odds on it’s around that area 80NM SE of HCMC.”

  6. Amazing photo of posible crash site:
    #MH370: New field of debris spotted about 80nm southeast of Ho Chi Minh City (Photo: The Aviation Herald) http://t.co/6wRip6nUrB

  7. “Certainly, there was no explosion.”
    There is no certainty about it yet. Just because no-one has reported an explosion or yet found a debri field does not rule out any possibility.

  8. From photos seen on Vnexpress website, this debris field off the Mekong Delta which was reported by a Cathay pilot, looks to be what you would expect from a crashed plane.

    On the lighter side:
    Last night a rupertel channel screened the Tom Hanks movie, “Castaway”, about a Fedex plane crashing into the sea.

    If Hollywood doesn’t come up with a movie integrating all our conspiracy theories before Christmas, I’ll be surprised. The only impediment will be if the plane is found.

    • No probs Hugh, they’ll make a sequel, the first one will be called Lost and the number two, Found.

      • Just saw All Is Lost over the weekend. An excellent movie with Robert Redford. Less than 50 words spoken in the entire movie. I’m hoping Bob sees it and reviews.

  9. The co-incidence of two people traveling on the same flight, with passports stolen randomly from the same area, buying one-way tickets from the same travel agent, to the same destination, just makes an accident too difficult to believe, for me.

    • What was the destination?

      • Amsterdam, I believe. With just a transit in China to minimise the risk of Chinese immigration/border detection.

        • Apparently the 19 year old’s mother was waiting for him in Frankfurt.
          Only just heard they came in to Kuala Lumpur on their Iranian passports. Then swapped them for illegal ones to fly out to Europe.

          Can’t see the logic in this unless Chinese customs is slack about checking the lost passport base.

          Sounds like they took the less risk passage, and flying from Thailand was too risky.

          • Yes, less likely perhaps. I’m following this with some interest, because I’m flying to KL next month, with Malaysia Airlines.

            But (and it’s a big ‘but’ I know) while the CIA and Interpol look for connections to terrorist newtorks, one lone madman is all it takes. And I would have thought traveling with a stolen passport was far riskier than traveling with your own.

            Do they know the identity of the other bloke?

            It’s a horrible business, whatever we discover to be the cause. It’s taking far too long.

  10. No way.

    The plane was observed on military radar – the genuine article – to turn back and then to vanish from their screens.

    It is full fathoms five (thousand).

  11. It must be a terrible time for the friends and family of passengers on MH370. To wait, hour after hour, and now day after day, with no news about the aircraft. They – and the rest of us – don’t know much more than was known in the first few hours.

    This lack of information sits oddly with our newly acquired culture of instant news and internet on tap information. Yet, here we have an entire aircraft and over 200 people just disappearing, dropping out of sight. Zap …. Gone. Spy satellites, radar of all types, radios of assorted frequencies, transponders, gizmos on the plane that go beep and ping into the ether – all blindsided, all silenced or silent. And, if it should be terrorists or hi-jackers, a companion silence, or so it seems. (I have my Uighur theory, as posted.)

    What did happen to Ameilia Earhart in 1937? At the moment, we seem to know as little about her fate as we do about MH370 in 2014. So much for the wonders of the digital age. (Perhaps a morbid satisfaction in the failing of Big Brother.)

    With the silence comes the theories in the seeking of answers. We don’t like questions without answers.
    Bob might be right – a hi-jacking, perhaps gone wrong. But will we ever know? What if we never know?

  12. Speaking of vast barren deserts!
    Could be over to the west, that way. Under a big camoflage net.

  13. No debris has been found which leads one to conclude that yes, perhaps, it was hijacked. Still a little early to be absolutely sure.

  14. I think what is deeply concerning the Malays is the strong possibility their MAS pilot, likely a good Moslem son, & key members of his crew, might have been radicalised.

    The evidence continues to mount suggesting this plain was hijacked. The most likely suspects must now be the crew.

    They now acknowledge it did turn around, crossed the Malay Peninsula on a path close to the Thai- Malay border, proceeded to the centre of the Straits O Malacca & turned on to a heading of 275 degrees. Plot that & it is a course across the Andamann Sea towards the poorly controlled airspace over Bangladesh, Buthan & Nepal. There are a lot of old bomber airstips across the many Andamann chain too.

    This would explain why the Malays are operating so secretively & revealing information only after it leaks.

    The purpose of such a hijack escapes me however. No claims, no randsoms, no grand suicide mission. Perhaps there is a 777 chopshop somewhere.
    The damage this scenario could do to MAS is huge. No matter how safe their planes might be, doubts about radicalised crew will linger longer.

    • Could be a catch for ransom with all those chinese artists and calligraphers though.

      Someone brought up how all those people from same firm, were owners of a patent, which did not get finalized until after the plane went missing. Only one left holding the patent was a Rothschild. Could be a tall story.

      The Malaysians are settling in, but cold have done with a good interpreter earlier on.

      Yesterday it was the late Chinese satellite find, plus finally noticing the oil rig worker who sighted something buring high up. He gave bearing which kind of correlated perfectly with the map of last position before loosing contact.

      Just read how the 777 looks to have dropped low to pass over west.

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