The Only Policy Shift That Matters

Today, December 5th, 2013, future historians will note, was the day ‘the partial renationalisation of Qantas’ became a thinkable notion, a plausible option, and Australia changed.

If it is done the partial nationalisation of Holden will follow, and Cottees, and Berlei, and those iconic brand names that made us, in old times, catch our breath, and the old, wise way of partial socialism in a thinly peopled continent will resurrect itself, return to life, and things will be better for all.

It is wrong that any money made by Qantas go to foreigners, or any money made milking cows in Tasmania, or digging up Western Australia. Yet many politicians, calling this ‘investment’, Labor included, have applauded this haemorrhaging of our country’s good, as if any money that went overseas and not here, into our national coffers, made any sense.

Of course it doesn’t. Particularly money from Qantas, whose reputation for safety (it’s still never ‘crairshed’) was achieved by Australians exclusively, and is now eroded, by the only gay thick Irishman in two hundred years.

Qantas should never have been sold off, and Keating, a smart semi-Irishman, stands condemned by history as a wrecker of our economy and an underminer of our finest sons and daughters the pilots, engineers, luggage handlers and stewards, our best international advertisement ever, who lost their jobs in due course to listless undermotivated ill-trained Asian slackers, on planes that soon started to fall out of the sky but never, luckily, hit the ground.

People think Keating should be forgiven for this, because he has charm and a keen command of dated slang but I do not. He made it fashionable to sell off anything Australian and good and pack off its profits to foreign ingrates in order to balance a Budget, or ease pressure on some bottom line, somewhere.

He should apologise for this, and come out in favour of the renationalisation of this, his worst mistake.

I invite him to use these columns to do so. Or debate me any time, anywhere on why he will not.

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  1. I one ever needed prove of the stupidity of this Abbott government & its determination to take Australia back to the Menzies era of ‘living off the sheep’s back’, it came today with the announcement of the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

    “Some sectors may face increased competition from imports of Korean products and services, such as electronics, motor vehicles, automotive parts, steel products and textiles, clothing and footwear,” the statement says.

    In exchange, Korea will eliminate tariffs on Australian agricultural exports including beef, wheat and sugar.

    I know Korea well, so it will now become the funnel for a goods tagged “Made in Korea”, which will undoubtedly include all their lowest common denominator production located anywhere cheaper in Asia. No matter, Mr Robb will guarauntee it is “Made in Korea” because, “See, it says so on the label.

    Now you know why they have basically killed off R&D in Australia & cut back on education. We won’t need either, because the LNP sees us as the hayseeds of the Asia region.

  2. Sell Qantas now. What on earth is the use of it?

    Car manufacture is far more important, it seems to me as no expert on the subject, as it nourishes a diverse range of industry and skills, capable of utilisation in future green energy, etc, manufacture

    • Qantas well managed made Australia a lot of money and kept 50,000 of us employed and 200,000 of us fed.

      Against this, are you?


      • Putting our brains, money and energy into industries of the future will also employ lots of people, more per dollar I’d expect.

        Aircraft manufacture would be an industry that built the country up; buying others’ aircraft at massive expense then paying them off by aerial bus-driving is a dead end

  3. meanwhile, the US (and friends) world police state strengthens its grasp

    “The National Security Agency is gathering nearly 5 billion records a day on the whereabouts of cellphones around the world,enabling the agency to track the movements of individuals — and map their relationships — in ways that would have been previously unimaginable.”

    And no, this is not inevitable, it can be stopped if the technological forces of government were used for their citizens and not for powerful, hidden entities

    These are the issues that really matter for our future, not totems of bygone times

  4. Bob, fuck qantas.

    Do not be distracted from the main event; Abbott is reeling.
    Size him up.
    Recoil your arm.
    snap the muscle…and,
    deliver the quietus.

    Imprint the man NOW with his imbecility and let it gestate.
    Counter his every utterance with it,
    Let no other impression form.

    I’ve never seen such a thing before.
    Neither have my conservative acquaintances who appear, for the first time in over 3 years, to have forgotten the faculty of speech.


    On another matter, where are the archives?

    • no matter what happens, Libs are in for 3 years. The more time Abbott has to mess up before being replaced, and the less time his successor has to establish herself, the better for Labor.

      So some discussion of policy matters might not be such a bad idea

  5. That is true john.
    Though I do fear distraction. It seems too easy to forget and my wish would be to hold them by the thrapple just that little longer.


    John, do you know what’s happened to the archives? Have I missed something? Has Bob mentioned anything?


  6. No, you Leftie Morons should agree with Uncle Bob. He is correct on this issue as he also agrees with Joe Hockey’s refusal to sell Graincorp to the Yanks.

    Selling QANTAS was a big mistake.

    An icon like that should never be a plaything of a shyster Irishman leprechaun who is pocketing $3.33 million each year for driving our great airline into the ground. Somethings should never be sold. QANTAS is our identity. Our inner most being. You leftie pricks would sell your soul for a limp Mars bar. You are not to be respected.

    More strength to you Bob. How can you be assailed by these pricks on all sides, and I, a mortal self-proclaimed redneck enemy needs to come to your aid? How topsy-turvy this world is…

  7. I fully support the nationalisation of QANTAS, car manufacturing, clothing and heavy industry. Its what created the wealth and more balanced societies of East Asia and Scandinavia and the US (before the grease ball Reagan); before the vile, Satanic creed of Friedman and von Hayek and Rand that greed is good, that destroying the country for a bunch of city financiers and screen jockeys was good economics. What filth. To the dust bin of history and their buried with Murdoch, Thatcher and Reagan the progenitors of this idiotic, anti-human ideology.

    • confused, very confused, and largely quite wrong factually throughout

    • That pretty much sums it up. And add to the top of that list the nationalisation of banks.

      Time was not so long ago only the Greens were ‘crazy’ enough to engage this kind of discussion – who would have thought Hockey would be uttering such blasphemy. But sadly, it is all cover for the fact the Libs will privatise everything else they can get away with, and negotiate as many phoney free trade agreements as possible.

  8. It seems to me that anything which would work best as a monopoly should be under government or independent authority control. Things such as electricity, water, roads, railways, ports, emergency services.

    Clearly there should be certain industries vital to the national interest also kept under enough control that they cannot close down – car making, ship building, a national airline, the capacity to build and repair vehicles, ships and aircraft.

    Now certain industries appear to benefit from competition, though another way of looking at it is as a duplication and squandering of resources : banks, insurance companies, health services, educational institutions, heavy manufacturing, large mining operations.

    Many of those could be or have been in public control. Perhaps many of them ought to be renationalised, in the national interest.

    Certainly it is a matter for debate, when the alternative is to risk losing capabilities vital to the national interest – the interest of the people, not just the 1%.

    • Yeah, as a rule of thumb anything too big to fail is too big to be in private hands. Capitalisms justification is the discipline of potential failure, without that its got norhing.

      • I have flown overseas and interstate five times in the last five years. Only once with Qantas – to Brisbane.

        International travel has changed immeasurably in the last couple of decades, and makes the notion of a national airline almost obsolete, I’m afraid.

  9. BOB:-of course U are right Bob. Keating should never have sold Qantas. I was always against it….BUT…..Howard would havew sold it as soon as he could get his hands on it.

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