Lines For Chris Bowen (6)

Can the Treasurer name one foreign critic of Labor’s economic performance?

Can he name two?

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  1. He’ll never find one.

    Funny how he keeps ignoring the fact that the Labor government guided us relatively unscathed through the worst global financial mess since the depression. His anger doesn’t make any sense. Turn that frown upside down Joe, your lies got you power, it’s not like you’re going to get thrown out next week by admitting the truth. Stop adcting like you’re in opposition still, cut the charade.

  2. Bowen and Shorten need to start selling the AAA economy Labor left Hockey. Why? Because Hockey is going to be on about “Labor’s debt” for the next three years even though he is spending now at a faster rate than Labor ever did-nothing from the Murdoch press though. Not a peep yet out of Labor in defence of the strong economy Hockey was left but on AM this morning Hockey was all over Labor screaming debt debt debt we have inherited.

    Is this gonna be a re-run of 1996-2007…”Labor’s $96billion debt that they left us”. Of course, but did Labor learn anything from those 11years in Opposition? Seemingly not. Maybe Shorten will surprise me.

    • Barnett in WA managed to oversee the loss of that state’s AAA credit. If Hockey oversee’s a national downgrade, then the emporer will be naked for all to see.

      • PAUL:-…but Hockey will still blame Labor. Shorten must do the groundwork NOW justifying why Labor had to go into debt to avoid recession. Nothing yet from him and I doubt if there will be!

  3. Well, the notion of handing out free money to a large percentage of the population is a seismic shift away from the Liberal practice of screwing the ‘working class’.

    Under Labor the sky did not fall in. The debt ceiling is currently negotiable – Labor’s fiscal forecasts pretty accurate.

    The Liberals have to grow up and get on with positive governing, looking ahead – all this shitting on Labor sounds lame, weak, everyone is sick of it, bored with it, over it.

    Wake up Joe, you’re in government now.

  4. It was Costello who regained the tripe A after that neo-liberal Keating lost it, Bob’s house and thousands of people their jobs. And if they got their jobs back the next week why was he waffling on about his measures for the unemployed this week. Moreover Keating reaffirmed this week, what many knew, that Hawke was not a micro manager (like Rudd) and left his more than capable cabinet to their own devices. Which makes it seem a little strange that he felt the need to put his “recession we had to have” line past Hawke for his approval. Balls! Happy to take all the credit and none of the criticisms.

  5. Name two? Rupert Murdoch and any of his well paid minions!

  6. Does Mathias Corman count?
    Notice that the Nats have started referring to the “Abbott-Truss” government? Doesn’t it sound like “Albatross”?

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