Fascism, At Last, Down Under

Brandis preventing a prime witness from reaching the International Criminal Court by impounding his passport signalled the moment when Abbott Fascism clicked in as a new way of life. Morrison’s revoking of the work permits of ten thousand real refugees led up to it, and Abbott’s refusal to apologise for peeking at Mrs Yuduyono. And Bernardi’s denouncing of homosexuals as ‘bestial’.

Fascism is the last resort of the incompetent, as is well known. If you cannot get the votes legitimately, you gerrymander, like Joh. If free speech endangers you, you stomp on it, as Bernardi now recommends his lying, slimy fellow creeps now stomp on the ABC. If the vote goes against you in Florida, you disallow it retrospectively. Or rejigger, next time, the voting machines.

We are in a lot of danger here. Already the pariah of South East Asia, we will be soon scorned by the ICC and drummed out, perhaps, of the Security Council, and it is time this government were done away with, by a Turnbull mutiny or a Senate refusal of Supply.

A Senate Inquiry into the international crimes of the Howard government would be a start. It could deal with not only the duping of Timor and the robbing of their poorborn children of billions but the 297 million it gave Saddam Hussein to buy rockets to kill our allies with. It could deal with the WMD that Howard insisted were there, and went to war over, a war that killed or exiled four million innocent middle-class people, and smashed and burnt for no good reason the cradle of civilisation, WMD (that is, atomic and hydrogen bombs) that were curiously not used in that war, mythical weapons he knew did not exist while swearing till 2010 they did.

These were not small time crooks, they were — are — big time war criminals, most of them alive and well and in Abbott’s ministry today.

It might be difficult, but perhaps the ACT Attorney-General could seek their arrest for crimes against humanity.

There is no doubt they are guilty, and, to coin a phrase, it’s time.

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  1. Being guilty and never having to face their judgement day is perhaps the only thing they are really good at. Their appointees are in every position of power to protect them. Othwerwise, well said.

  2. Everything u say is succinct and accurate and paints a sorry tale.What concerns me substantially is despite all these happenings the majority of Selfish,self centred Australians go about their day not really giving a stuff and sitting on the thin edge of racism.
    How it will change ,will the next generation be different or what will it take before reality strikes home,I don’t know..
    The quandary too is that with a conflicted Senate imminent July 2014,horse trading will the political way forward & what will that bring?

    • You Lefties should get off your high horse and realise that you are part of the problem and not the solution.

      Lefty Teacher Unions demand more money but have sunk our education level lower down the gurgler as Australia slides down the list. Mostly wasted on humanity subjects teaching kids rubbish, like gay marriage and aboriginal studies.

      Yesterday’s OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results from 2012 reveal the downward trend also applies to reading results and, to a lesser extent, science literacy.

      So Australians are getting dumber as Palmer’s United Party member Dr Alex Douglas today leaked email saying that Australian voters are “bogans” living “empty lives” fuelled by a “diet of grease” “from a world we see daily and quietly hope will disappear”.

      But there is a flip side, the dumber the Labor voting teachers make our children – the more inclined the bogans are in voting for other right wing bogans! So, its a kind of Karmic retribution that appeals to my sick side.

      Red-neck bogans like me now rule the roost. Everytime you walk in a shopping centre and see young girls scarred with tattoos running down their leg and arse, or with purple hair and nose rings and shit hanging off them, you are looking at an Abbott voter.

      Get used to it.

      • Frank, I worry about those young girls all tattooed up. In my mind’s eye I see them as older, all wrinkled and their tattoos all crumbling up, looking like old sailors…

        Their blokes with nose and mouth rings and things, full of snot or beer foam…

        When some sick curiosity makes me furtively glance at them, it’s usually the girls who put up the fingers and shout; What ya staring bitch, watch it or I’ll do you in…

        What’s the matter with the kids today… :oops:

        • Helvi, your reaction to strange new ways is natural.

          But don’t be misled. Frank takes this normal unease and mixes up a (superficially self-mocking) froth of loathing and scapegoating, which is absolutely the defining characteristic of the fascist temperament.

          How easy is the step to seeing these young people, coping as best they can with our heartless, aimless Cruise Ship Society, in which they are often filling the roles of despised, excluded stowaways, into subhuman scum.

          • I know they are not all bogans, and course I’m not really worried about their looks…

            What I do NOT like is their rudeness, they can keep their nose rings :cool:

            My friends son is addicted to having endless tattoos, but his mum is sensible and says could be worse, could be alcohol or drugs or both.

            • I don’t like the behaviouir, but I see them as the victims of an oppressive society; I see their hostility as an understandable human self-protective reaction to the world they find themselves in.

              I don’t think it springs from something inside them, it is created by society, like a callous on the hand of a labourer

              Swamped by 24hours of numbing or nasty entertainment beamed direct into their homes, with minimal access to the outdoors due to our worship of motor cars, isolated in nuclear families, in raw, bleak characterless suburbs with no living heart of history, community and life . . .

              • JS, I hear and understand what you are saying, of course you got to feel sorry for our confused youth, I do, they are trying to cope the best they can..

                I also have to smile when you talk about soulless suburbs, you have GO’s complete agreement there… :smile:

                • Well, Helvi, it is not that, on the one hand, I expect that *you* will propose some harsh crackdown by the police, or on the other hand that *I* am not glad that there are cops about to keep the lid on hooligans, but it is an issue where the real victims, those kids, need their case to be put to balance our shared natural aversion to some of their carry-on

              • Spot on there, Helvi I was appalled at the oldies paying out to the young people when my daughter was growing up. One person said to me about my daughter “you have trained her well”.
                I was horrified. Shades of the Gestapo there. I was much loved by my daughter’s friends but they all came to hate me due to the flak from the oldies and even family. My sister had/has a big problems about her territorality. Age has no barriers in this paying out game.

                People think it’s their right to persecute the young, because it was done to them. Juvenile payback huh! First in office, Howard rushed in and lifted heaps out of bank accounts of teenage students, probably quite illegally. Nearly all the Libs and right wingers are low levels like this. They dont talk first.

                My daughter ended up a goth because it kept people away, she said. Good point I thought. Having lots of tattoos keeps the oldies away. Like you, I keep railing against all this persecution of the young. Destroying young peoples’ will so they can fit in to a “safe” (???) society, when the mode is totally unsafe and cripples the spirit.

      • Frank,there are some truth’s bubbling away there in that dark mind. One I can’t agree more with, Education really does need to be fixed. I wish my local Federal Member for Sturt would see this.

      • To Frank:

        What ten Lefty policies do you disagree with?

        • Frank?
          You there?

          Yes, there you are…on the other thread.
          And not on this one.
          Of course.

          Thinking no one would notice your defining high chroma yellow antumbra.

    • Rebuild the workers movement, John Long. Difficult in execution I know but simple in concept. Back in 1969 when the penal powers were stopped by a mass strike the workers movement was a genuine independent force outside of the legal power structure. That is no longer the case.

      As the arch reactionary Frank Knophelmaker used to say, it is the working class which is the ultimate defender of liberty in both capitalist and [state] communist societies. When the working class is broken things will slide.

      The very first step is to realise that the ALP no longer has anything much to do with the workers movement. A dying ember here or there, maybe. It is better than the Liberals, that is its only claim. So vote for it in preference to the Liberals but the cure for the rot lies elsewhere.

      A new workers movement will be different from the old one to be sure, but read John Balls speech in Froissart’s chronicles for a fascinating glimpse of what remains constant through all superficialities. Things change and they stay the same.

      • You are fighting the last war.

        Here is a quote that sums it up:


        But you are right in one thing: there will indeed, as always when humanity is at crisis point, arise a new force outside the structures of power, a force arising from the final stage of capitalism’s vaporisation of humanity’s old world – a climate movement will arise not based on class but based on gut-fear for our future

        (the quote was from here:

      • foiled by the technology

        here’s the quote

        “All that is solid melts into air,” wrote Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto.

        “He meant that the sheer, revolutionary power of capitalism had wrenched larger and larger parts of the world out of its feudal or tribal doze, and sent it running round the track of modernization, smashing down habits, customs, faiths as it went.

        “The agents of this wrenching change: the middle classes, or as he would have it, the bourgeoisie, the new class which grew in the womb of feudalism, and then destroyed it.

        “And they would, he prophesied, be destroyed in their turn.

        ” “The weapons,” Marx wrote, “with which the bourgeoisie felled feudalism to the ground are now turned against the bourgeoisie itself.”

        “The constant churn and change which capitalist development required would, in the end, attack those who had created the process: the middle classes. Now they – we – are for churning.

        “Our fate has become linked to that of the classes we thought we had left, or left behind. The industrial working class in the rich societies, whom Marx thought would lead the revolution, is now small, and in most states the trade unions are weakened, as are the socialist parties.

        “Those in what Marx called the “lumpenproletariat” are growing in numbers, and can be dangerous – see the London riots of 2011. But they are also disorganized. In an article in the Guardian, the UK Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke called the rioters a “feral underclass” and said they were “cut off from the mainstream in everything but its materialism.”

      • “Difficult in execution I know but simple in concept.”

        Articulate that concept.

        “… but the cure for the rot lies elsewhere.”

        Articulate that cure; name its constituents, its programme, and its ideology.

        “fascinating glimpse of what remains constant through all superficialities.”

        I don’t want to read it – paraphrase if you will.


        Once again, Jeremy Dixon, you indulge in the generalities without so much as a detail to reward the reader. The Seduction of the Critique seems the true refuge for those unwilling, or unable, to declare their hand in this game.
        Do you think that the heart of the Anarchist so brittle that it needs constant guard?

  3. It’s such a joy to read truth.
    Cheered me up no end. Am tweeting and facebooking this, to get it out there.

  4. ‘Things change and they stay the same.’

    ‘Once more, she knew exactly and indisputably what is right and what is wrong. As if emerging from a mist, the old foes of the public good loomed ahead of her – capitalists, newspaper proprietors, anti – suffragists, and, in some ways most pernicious of all, the masses who take no interest one way or another.’

    Night and Day published 1919 by
    Virginia Woolf

    • Rod, beautifully and truthfully said as only Virginia Woolf could….

      Truth never ages…

    • Woolf saw remarkably clearly. Substitute misogyists for anti-suffragists, and you have a good summation of the state of things here and now, especially the final item in her list.

      Yet, in this passage and more so elsewhere, she wholeheartedly rejected the centrality of this ‘political’ view of the world.

      And I reckon she was right to do so.

      And in fact, this very blog is ‘. . . on film and theatre’.

  5. Well, the coalition have been a larger version of our Qld LNP for some time now – even before the election – so it’s hardly surprising they’re also following their fascist behaviour.

    If groups of non-outlaw recreational motorcyclists are being ‘asked’ to advise police when they intend to go on a ride in groups of more than three, why aren’t grey nomads planning a caravan convoy being asked to do the same thing? Non-outlaw recreational motorcyclists are no more law-breakers than grey nomads are.

    • Voting Campbell Newman in in Queensland should have scared everyone from voting for Abbott…

      From little things big things grow, can this mess get bigger still?

  6. Well written Bob. All the elements of Fascism are in place.

    Herr Morrison immediately moved to retrospectively disenfranchise genuine refugees living in Australia before his accendency to power, through his TPV legislation.
    Sounds Familiar. I wonder if Major General Angus Campbell recognises he’s been cast in the role of Reinhard Heydrich?

    We have seen Oberst Credlin already implementing a “Book Burning”. All of Abbott’s previous speeches which prove his lying have been ‘removed’ from today’s libraries, websites. Even worse is the removal from the shelves of the great works of the scientists & academics; Gronsi is gone, Scientific Climate reports are gone. What else will we only discover when it is too late?

    George Brandis sees himself above we bogan voters. He seeks to change laws, prevent justice. He has used ASIO as Himmler used the Gestapo to summarily userp the courts, to hide earlier sins, intimidate & silence witnesses. He thinks he is above all courts. He is truly our Heinrich Luitpold Himmler.

    All the time Paul Joseph Goebbels Murdoch keeps us informed about what we should know. I know nothing!

  7. I am at a loss. Used tools & and this deleted instead of quoted. should have read:

    “Almost immediately upon assuming the Chancellorship of Germany, Hitler began promulgating legal actions against Germany’s Jews. In the first half of 1938, numerous laws were passed restricting Jewish economic activity and occupational opportunities.”
    Sounds Familiar. I wonder if Major General Angus Campbell recognises he’s been cast in the role of Reinhard Heydrich?

    • It’s a bit too familiar, but people think you’re over reaching and it cant happen here when the comparison is drawn. The thing is, the wedge must be insterted to kick things off somehow, the final solution wasn’t the first resort. It’s very sad to see people demonised for political gain, yet what can we do about it at this point in time, they can do a lot of damage in three years.

  8. “A Senate Inquiry into the international crimes of the Howard government would be a start” Says Bob….ahhhh…The Howard dark Years. A bit late now.

    If Labor had started on The Howard Dark Years in 2007 I doubt if the Libz wld ever have won another election. But alas Labor did absolutely NOTHING.Hopeless. Groan!

    • I could not understand why they did not come down hard on Howard.
      They were too nice, and did not see the use of a night of the long knives. Thus lots of angry fascists were left in place. No wonder the PM got paranoid, feeling like undermined from within and was in the end. Keating seemed to like Howard but condemned more Hawke. I think the GST, VAT etc. are major sociopathic stuff ups. Taxing everything, Noooo! You have to have some free market to balance things up. Under GST, the black market ran amok and took over lots of good souls.

      • Exactly my thoughts Heather.

        I despair at the persistent stupidity within Labor which always goes to water & leaves all the Liberal spivs planted in the bureacracy, leaking secrets like sieves.
        I despair when Labor rails against the blatant right wing bias of the Murdocracy, Sky, Fox, but when gifted a golden opportunity, with support of cross benches, does nothing about it in case Rupert might treat them even more harshly. Gutless, naive, stupid are descriptors spring to mind.

        When Howard was defeated, a truth commission should have been immediately called to bring him, Reith, Andrews, Downer & their cronies to account for their crimes & sins. It never happened because, as a Labor minister said to me, they might do it back to us one day. Earth to Minister: They will do it anyway, fool.

        It is not surprising people like Brandis thinks he will forever be unaccountable.


        • Yes! good to get the support for my mad mind. :razz:

          And why was our Labor Govt. so oblivious to Abbott, Bishop(of the Stare), Brandis, Joyce and the other Opposition rogues with their hands in the till. All the time, their own in Thomson, and close to own in Slipper (best speaker ever) were getting shredded and witch hunted for minimal.

          The rorting info. all came out after they lost.
          Although it was there way before. Why is that?

          One could even say the whole lot are rorters! and they are all pollies for the perks.

          Howard was the worst spender of public monies for his indulgences.
          Why support him at all? I am not a long term hater or anything but some people you have to keep watching and the pressure on so as not to cave in. Howard was probably egging Abbott on, to rort the system for his 3 years long election campaign.

          The only thing Labor did wrong was be too nice and civilized with those they should have not.

          Is this bitter? No it’s just sensible with an edge.

  9. Never did I think I would rejoice being 66 years old. But I do.
    Selfish of course as we all must fight for future generations.

    • Edbard O'Mahoney

      Sam when I was 20 I thought that once you reached 30 you slid off into some black hole never to be heard of again. Of course I was right.

      You can imagine my surprise at making it to 53 years old.

  10. Edbard O'Mahoney

    As for the ‘attacks’ on today’s youth I must thank Mr Bowie for the following:

    And these children that you spit on
    As they try to change their worlds
    Are immune to your consultations
    They’re quite aware of what they’re going through

  11. I am pleased to see that I am not alone in being extremely concerned with the crude violation of lawyer-client confidentially and human rights.

    We know the secret state is spying on everyone of us, but we don’t have to let them use the acquired private information against people, as they inevitably will do for political purposes.

    Senator Brandis is a disappointment, and has shown himself not to be the lawyer’s lawyer he claims to be. I anticipate his and my reappraisal as soon as possible.

    Incidentally, it was Mr Ellis’ declamatory style that stimulated me to look at some of the material relating to the JFK-Officer Tippit killings that raised awareness.

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