Privatising The ABC

The ABC showed bias toward Abbott during the election — broadcasting no Morgan Poll, which sometimes put Labor ahead; concealing the rumours of his break-up with Margie and his cover-up of rape in his college — and they hoped, they believed, they truly believed, in Churchill’s words, ‘each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last.’

But their sad, clenched, cringing plea for mercy proved in vain. Bernardi already wants them dismantled, running commercials, or privatised, or cut back to the bone to save the taxpayers money in straitened times. Twenty-eight cents a day is too great a sacrifice; a dollar ninety-six week is not to be borne; seven dollars ninety a month — the price of two lattes, once a month — an intolerable burden on a household budget and must come down to, well, four dollars a month. Or three.

He is a creepy dunderhead and he is, of course, not arguing this week, as he ought to be, that gay marriage unleashes bestiality and somehow sanctifies it, but he is distracting the public from his favourite crazed quarrel with human biology by resurrecting this old one from 1997. And, more and more, people of great heart and clear conscience will be worried that the ABC will be sold soon to Singo or Lachlan or Alan, and expend emotional energy better used defending Gonski, or Broadband, or attacking the corruption of the Victorian courts.

For it is not now very likely the ABC will be dismembered, I think, I believe, I truly believe, though Abbott with better polling figures would almost certainly have tried it on. But now that he seems unlikely to survive till the Ides of March and is daily resembling more and more a doomed and fretting Christmas turkey and is yelping with fright at everything that comes his way it is not probable he will dare a battle that even Howard flinched from. He is in diabolical trouble historically also, with old words rising up foaming to bite him hip and thigh. His description of Labor’s thirteen billion Gonski and his three billion for Gonski-without-tears as ‘a unity ticket with Labor’ looks more and more like lying to parliament and he can be expelled from it for that alone.

He is a crazy, messed-up piece of work who will not long abide in his position.

If gay marriage gets through next week, he may have to resign it.

It would be, let’s face it, the only honourable thing to do.

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  1. It was always going to happen, cant have a state run media outlet criticising fascists.

  2. You put it so well.

  3. Maybe I'm Amazed

    How dare the ABC not broadcast “rumour”.

    It’d be great if 7.30, Lateline and The World Today dedicate their time to rumours about private lives and the like.

    What bias. I demand more rumour and innuendo.

  4. Sacking the managing director or replacing the ABC board with a raft of right-wingers won’t do it – for the staff at the ABC are the people who pretty much run the joint as a a Soviet style collective. Group think on Climate Change is never challenged at the Collective. Snowden is a good guy – a “whistleblower” not a traitor. Climate gate emails were never whistle blown but “Hacked.”

    See what I mean? Orwellian huh?

    The pressure should be applied in Sydney and Melbourne with the Greens who run the joint. Abbott should cut funding to that lot. Keep the ABC rural stations running as they do a pretty good job sticking to local politics.

    • even at the risk of treating Count Arthur Strong as more than a piss-poor comedian, “group think on climate change is never challenged” – not only that, but people who dispute Einstein’s theory of Relativity and Darwins’ Theory of Evolution are NEVER EVER given any air time – an exactly equivalent situation (excpet of course that no giant corporations have trillions of dollars of assets at risk if Relativity and Evolution are not denied)

    • “Sacking the managing director or replacing the ABC board with a raft of right-wingers won’t do it – for the staff at the ABC are the people who pretty much run the joint as a a Soviet style collective.”

      By cripes you talk crap sometimes Frank.

      You say Howard’s right wing Mafia, led by true blue bloods & zealots like Obergruppenfuhrer Albrechsen, didn’t change the ABC. Surely you are firmly tongue in cheek.

      Scott & all his key lieutenants are certified blue bloods, if not actual card carrying Liberals.

      The fact Australia’s best interviewer has been sidelined from 7:30 Report & now only permitted to interview former Labor politicians is in itself proof of the blatant right bias in the ALP.

      How do you feel Frank, knowing the last two PMs of your beloved Liberals are so fearful of being exposed as the deceitful pretenders they really are, to face an interview with Kerry O’Brien?

      Both have been there in the past. Both have left exposed as ‘Emperors’ without clothes. They How pathetic they have become. Exposed as nothing more than cringing playthings dancing to the strings of Rupert Murdoch’s whim.

      Go now Frank & put on your brown shirt.

      • Frank still has his New Guard uniform (he enrolled on his 21st). The nurses won’t let him wear it, though

      • Hugh. with due respect to you, Janet Albrechtsen had no effect on the ABC rank and file.

        They do as they please.

        I should know.

        I worked there for 12 bloody years.

        It was a fantastic place to work for a guy nearing the end of his working career.

        My misfortune was to start there when I was a young man. The problem then was that I would turn up for work at 11am and then have an hour to organize my luncheon partner,

        I usually went with my boss a boozing layabout artistic producer and we would have a 3 hour drunken lunch at the local Greek restaurant with plenty of wine and then head back around 3.30pm half drunk to work on the 7pm News service.

        It was bloody fantastic!

        I loved the ABC.

        But no life for a young man. I started getting fat and paunchy around the waste from all the Surf ‘n Turf we dined on.

        Now in my dotage, it would be the perfect job for a man in his codgerdom. No. The ABC needs to be swept clean. Abbott wont have the balls to do it. Sorry. I am correct in my view as I was there and enjoyed my misspent youth of course and I understand the workings of the ABC system better than most.

        • There is certainly the ambience from the abc that positions/jobs/roles are not open to competition. One assumes that, eg, Tony Jones has a lifetime job until his well funded retirement. Don’t bother applying, no matter how able you are.
          Similarly, there are station darlings whose views/programs etc seem to have a high priority and be well advertised above the competition.
          I’m not sure how much they care for B. Ellis and his works.

          • Felicity, I presume F. stands for Felicity cause that’s the name I will give you.

            Felicity, I used to turn up for work at the ABC in my slippers! I was so slack.
            No one cared the slightest.

            I forgot to put on my black shoes. People would say “Frank, are those slippers on your feet?” They would laugh at me. Not ridiculing me of course. No. Just sharing the humour of the moment.

            God, it was a slack place.

            It was a great place to work. But you have to understand that the fairy tale must end somewhere.

            Once the Greens hijacked the ABC with their ideology, the gloves needed to come out.

            I am no longer a fan of the ABC.

            Besides my drinking partner is no longer there.

            • Being of a rather viridian hue myself, Frank, I don’t see the Green influence that you assert. I wish I did.
              I see the young and ignorant influence. I see them elevate such as P Adams to divine status; I see the juvenile comedy and comentary; I see…well, young and inexperienced minds bumbling about at play, elevating evidently anything done by such as Chris Lilley, while others languish. No kids, he’s not he next Barry Humphries.
              Some of the ABC works: some doesn’t.
              Did you wear socks with your slippers? Were they the socks that you wore to bed? What kind of slippers? Carpetbag? Your old dad’s? Those with rabbit’s ears and snout on front?
              I’m happy to be called Felicity, however it’s not my name.

              • Oh well, I’m not trying to be smart. You seem like a nice Felicity to me FI Kendall.

                I wore no socks, because if you put on socks, you better put on some sensible smart shoes.

                My point was that I would forget to do that…

                thats just normal. I did notice that the back of the slipper heels were stepped on and flattened down and worn down so you could walk around the ABC corridors with the back of the sippers flapping around like thongs.

                No one else did that but me. I’m not framing them as anything special. Neither was I being affected. It just an admission of how it was during that time..

                Felicity, believe me, you make a big mistake to assume the ABC as harmless…Many Right-wingers are baying for their blood. Abbott is only riding a wave of dissent…they are a cowardly lot, the politicians…

        • Thanks Frank. Now I understand.

          So you are the bloke so slovenly even your work colleague shook their heads & ndoubted tell stories to this day starting, :I once worked with this guy …..”.

          I also have an uncle who worked in similar circumstances from a young age.
          He too was perpetually pissed, always brown nosing his boss & thieving oxygen whilst adding methane.

          He too suffered such destruction of grey cells he votes Liberal.

  5. Bernardi – The face & eyes of a madman surely.

    Silent movies stars would have killed to have attained this look in horror movies of their time.

    He is a driven man, a troubled man, a bully without doubt. What would researchers in the 1800s have made of Bernardi? Would his head too have been decapitated & sent to London for examination by those seeking answers to the characteristics of the insane?×349.jpg

  6. Can anyone name the conservative presenter on the ABC of a prominent national current affairs program? Note the words prominent and national when deciding if you can name one.

    Good luck, I’ll check back later……

    • All of them. The right wing bias at the ABC is shocking. Even Adams has long really been a man of the right, remember how he pimped for Packer, metaphorically speaking…The problem with the ABC is that is not also stupid, or not stupid enough for the Liberals

      • The ABC is firmly middle of the road – which in these times when the 1pc are firmly in controll of social institutions at all levels, means what used to be right.

        More to the point, where are the strong left voices on the ABC, and the strong voices from all sides to open up the national debate? See the Guardian for a taste of what the ABC has failed to provide

        • Where are the voices seriouisly questioning our Cruise Ship mentality, our stupid obsession with phoney depictions of the First Bloody war for christ’s sake, which we are about to be even more copiously deluged with?

          The Guardian pushed them into Snowden – what chance this would have happened without the moral support from a left paper? The ABC is gutless, that is its real problem, so it is failing the people of this country, to whom it should be a source of many and strong views

    • None prominent but Counterpoint with Amanda Vanstone.
      But the obvious bias towards the right , shown by commercial broadcasters, needs to be balanced by the so called bias of the ABC..

      • Its a taxpayer funded broadcaster that according to its charter is supposed to be balanced not a counter balance. Your right about counterpoint its not prominent! Keep trying everyone.

      • Ah, by “conservative” is really meant “bloody idiot”…what is shocking is that someone like Vanstone has a gig at all. Not because she is right wing but because she is clueless.

    • Fran Kelly, Tony Jones and Chris Uhlman vote Liberal. Quentin Dempster was for a long time a Democrat. Cassidy and Robin Williams vote Labor, I think, and so, I suspect, does Margaret Throsby. Leigh Sales I would think is a swinging voter. David Marr with his Rudd book destroyed the Labor Party.

      Would anyone dispute any of this?

      • Cassidy probably votes ALP but bloody hell he could say what Turnbull said in happier days “if they think I’m a leftist I’d hate to see what they’d call a right-winger”. Or words to that effect.

        • a real leftist would stand out like dog’s balls, as she would in any Australian institution

          Here, to be left means you believe in Evolution and global warming, but couldn’t really give a toss if one is barely taught in some schools and the other is on the shelf for looking at when the economy improves

      • Maybe I have gotten the wrong impression over the years & based on the people he hosts on Sunday mornings.

        He has long seemed too quick to interject & challenge a labor guest, but reluctant to do the same to ring wing guests for me to think him a Labor voter.

        The same applies to Leigh Sales. Soft interviews the right, barbeques the left.

        You don’t mention Kerry O’Brien, Bob. To me, he pursued the truth, regardless of leanings. It is hard to know which side he dresses.

      • Not disputing but expanding re Marr

        He also wrote “Dark victory” which didnt do Howard much good – so he is just the sort of person we want in all media – because on the whole the truth helps Labor while coverup and lies and opium for the masses help the 1pc and the Liberals, their errand-boys

      • Peter Reith regularly appears on The Drum and writes drivel for The Drum.

        Steve Kinnane makes fatuous comments all the time.

        Since The Guardian has been available The Drum is no longer a go-to site. I only go there to check out a few columnists. Can’t read the comments – such nasty angry liberal entries. They must have an organised alert system because as soon as an article is put on line, they are trolling away within minutes. Sad people that need more in their lives.

        And, they ain’t gunna get it from this out of control Abbott Government.

      • I would like to dispute this claim.

        Chris Uhlmann is married to the Labor Member for Canberra, which is also his local member.

        I doubt any person votes against their spouse.

    • A question from one who has spent the better part of 4 years consistently refusing to address questions?

      A question from one who as part of a astroturfing Conservative clique has reduced the ABC Drum to a charnel house of distraction, kindergarten dialogue, and fallacy?

      A question from one who demonstrated an almost pathological aversion to the rudiments of dialogue, logic, and argumentation?

      And you thought you’d come here and presume to ask a….question?!?!?

      Custard, here’s your answer, it’ll be the same one every time:

      Fuck you!

      • And I will keep saying to you….get a job you pathetic piece of shit

      • yes, Fedallah; a fool can ask a question that a wise man can’t answer, and
        a troll can ask a question that seems fair but is actually a piece of shit

        Where is the rightist on the ABC? Where is the leftist on the ABC (except in the imaginations of the insane right who think that questioning our spy agencies in any way shape or form is “leftist”, or accepting as true what 98pc of scientists say is “left” and “green radicalism”

        Custard should be banned like all the other trolls OR, how about every post such people make is automatically taggee DANGER TROLL, DO NOT TAKE SERIOUSLY, WILL RAISE FALSE ISSUES TO DISTRACT YOU FROM WHAT IS IMPORTANT

    • Amanda Vanstone, Counterpoint, Radio National.

      • I said national and prominent. It fails on the latter. Is this the only one you can name?
        This proves conclusively that the ABC is a conservative free zone.

        Its my ABC too!

    • Every single one of them is conservative or neutral.

      There is not one leftist presenter on the ABC these days. The closest would be O’Brien and Cassidy.

      The problem you have Custard is that from a rightist position everyone left of you appears leftist, when most are actually in the centre.

      Name a leftist!

  7. Gay marriage, Timor bugging scandal, spot fires all around. The Liberal’s wasted their opposition years wallowing in negativity and as a consequence appear as fumbling amateurs whose only answer is to become secretive and heavy. The adults are in charge?

    • “wasted their opposition years wallowing in negativity”

      That was Abbott’s choice, of course, fitting his nature as an overgrown rugby thug

      Labor will be different in opposition as in govt. Shorten clearly has deliberately chosen the role of sensible adult somewhat astounded at the tantrums and foolishness of his opponent. . . as no doubt fits hia character, most serendipously for Labor.

      • Yes, Abbott could certainly talk his way out of his job, minding his lip is a serious problem for him, it’s unnatural to him. But as a serial pugilist he has to have a go – sooner or later – and guess what – there is dapper Bill, leaning back at the dispatch box, commiserating with him. Bill will offer all the rope, and by degrees Tony will slowly hang himself. Already it is becoming painful to watch.

        • I really think this is what we are seeing. Surely a man like Shorten has handled his share of big-mouth bullies who think with their testicles

  8. OT

    Abbott and his Droogs – leading us lemmings over the cliff

    James Hansen has a new publication, which he introduces this way

    “We dispute the common assumption that the world necessarily is going to develop all fossil fuels that can be found, thus making large global warming inevitable.

    “Humanity does not need to be a bunch of lemmings headed over a cliff.

    “Indeed, appropriate policies that phase out fossil fuel emissions over decades would be economically and environmentally beneficial.

    “The paper draws attention to the moral and ethical issues caused by the inertia of the climate system, which causes most of the impacts of climate change to be felt by young people and future generations, as a consequence of action or inaction of the current generation.

    “Besides this moral issue, we point out that effective government policies, collecting a rising carbon fee from the fossil fuel industry that made fossil fuels pay their costs to society, would be a path to economic prosperity, while business-as-usual only assures economic decline.”

    • I think we need to be referring to Direct Action as Abbott’s Carbon Tax.
      It is being paid for out of general revenue, i.e. from TAX payers money.
      If the libs can refer to an ETS as a tax by another name, then what else do you call direct action?


      Abbott’s Carbon Tax
      Abbott’s Carbon Tax
      Abbott’s Carbon Tax
      from now on…

      • Yes, but Turdface has no intention of introducing his Direct Action policy. Still, it would be in Labor’s and the Greens’ interests to question him on this absurd policy.

  9. ABC was definitely pro Liberals leading to the election, they seemed to have calmed down, you can’t defend the indefensible too long without doing damage to yourself too…

    • I dispute that they were ‘pro’ anything, they just followed the polls and the rest of the media – as an organisation they are gutless and useless. (This is what the right wants; they have all the propaganda outlets they need, they just want the ABC to run dead)

      Frankly, apart from the music I wonder what wuld be lost if they were closed down. Now we have the Guardian, what little the ABC did for offering a real debate is redundant

  10. well Clive Palmer (can we believe him?)says on his website that he wants to retain the ABC and increase it’s funding so presumably it’s safe for the next 3 years.

  11. The ABC has been looked at several times by Libs and found to be NOT biased. The last one led by that fuckwit Adrian Allston actually found the ABC leaned a little bit toward the Libz!!

    Last nite on ABC news heaps more time was given to Lib pollies speaking their crap…none for Labor.

    • Amanda Vanstone & Alston long claimed bias against the Liberal Party within the ABC. Every time the facts are checked, their claims are shown to be false.

      The problem lies with the Liberal definition of bias & their belief in their own immaculate conception. “We are never wrong. We should never be questioned. We are born to rule.”

      “Hail the peasant class, we are revolting”, I say.

      • The Libs are like trolls on blogs (such as Frank and Custard) – their first aim is to distract attention from the truth.

        Making provocative if clearly baselss claims is a prime method of doing this

        In the case fo the ABC it has the added advantage that the ABC being a gutless bureaucracy, any attacks on it will cause it to play even safer than it already does

        Vanstone is a natural-born Lib, ie a lying bully

  12. Yes the ABC is a mixed bag ideologically. What they do though compared to Channel 7, 9 and 10 is take a critical look at policies and processes and because of this the Liberals hate the ABC and thats why despite their name the Liberal party of Australia has become a neo-fascist, corporate party who hates any form of criticism. They rule through fear, hate and silencing opposition to prop their economic system and policies. Isn’t that the very definition of fascism.

  13. The balance in the ABC is about even, I would say, although the overall quality is not. Uhlmann especially, and Sales, are no match for O’Brien.

    Board appointments are often tried by Governments to control the broadcaster, but rarely have the desired effect. I had a passing acquaintance with Donald McDonald, former Chair appointed by Howard to keep a lid on the so-called Lefties … his tenure was characterised by balance and reason, I think, and he was a consistent advocate for more funding.

    Possibly a long bow, but what Ministers like to do is shriek bias in order to play to the voters who never listen/watch the ABC: it makes the voters feel more relaxed and comfortable about their lack of interest and happy to remain ignorant of what’s happening around them.

    And speaking of O’Brien – my view of Keating was much restored after last night – I wonder if there’s a three-parter by O’Brien in the works with Little Johnny?

    • Keating spoke of heart and soul,how unusual for an Oz politician. He takes his inspiration and solace in Classical music. He wanted Australia to have it’s own identity, he does not believe in the Gallpolli myth…

      He knew who he was, he was brave and confident and trusted his own instincts…

      And the wit, when he spoke!


      • Gallipoli – Australian children seduced by fools and profiteers and deluded, blood-lusting cowards into killing other mothers’ children, and themselves dying and going mad, for NOTHING

        We should be flying black flags with the word SHAME on them for the Anzac anniversary we are about to be swamped by.

        But the fools, profiteers and blood-lusting cowards are still around

        • Keating roolz. A mensch.

          The key to being ‘a real mensch’ is nothing less than character, rectitude, dignity, a sense of what is right, responsible, decorous.

          • Behind the wit, behind the joy in demolishing toxic foolishness, behind the pleasure in being shockingly blunt about the hard things that must sometimes be done in government, Keating is the supremely serious man; that was his strength throughout his career.

        • Last night, I found it riveting that Keating saw more glory (if there be any glory in death) at Kokoda – Australians fighting to defend Australia – than Gallipoli – Australians fighting to defend the British Empire. Brave man, indeed.

          Whereas Howard sought to identify us with Gallipoli. He even encouraged simple youth to believe it was for Australia and not Churchill’s dream of Empire.

          • Long long ago, going out with a bunch of your mates to face off the next village, throw some spears, do some Hakas, occasionally suffer a flesh wound (or, for drama that would echo down the years, a memorable death), and later tell the women how brave you were – it all made some sense, masculine sense anyhow

            Or even earlier, groups of tree-dwelling quadrupeds throwing bananas at each other

            As time went on, and the aristocrats subjugated the 99pc, the old attitudes gradually got less and less relevant.

            Now, you crouch in your Humvee waiting for the thump and the panic and the pain of the roadside bomb; you call in the missiles on some peasant hootch, some boy herding goats

            Meanwhile, high above the canyons of New York, the string-pullers seldom remember where the wars even are

            The fault of leaders? It’s a bit like Turdoch; a smart, decent community wouldn’t buy his papers, he would be powerless.

            • I haven’t bought or used anything Murdoch for over 3 years.
              And, have managed to persuade a lot of friends and family to do the same.
              I want some of the credit when his evil empire crumbles….

    • How amazing is the turn around from last week’s Keating depravities. All too human.

      The redemptive grande finale is most fitting and Keating’s final words riveting.

      “The biggest issue facing Australia today is a psychological one.”

      “Do we really want to be in it. We have to be in it.”

      This psychological “issue” is on display here among peripheral table talkers. This a sanctuary for the core of those who want to be in it and want to discuss and come to know how to approach the psychological impediment of those who remain lost and alienated.

      We have to be in it.

      • As I am a mere peripheral Table Talker, I leave you, Malcolm Kukura, to express the profound, and the enlightened views here.

        I’ll bow to the Master of Table Talk.

    • Were I Kerry O I’d be planning to follow Clive and Paul with another national treasure – the real McCoy not any counterfeit.
      No doubt he has another in mind. I’d love to se him interview Mungo MacCallum or Bob Ellis

  14. The ABC is still relatively disinterested. Faint praise. Though the croc is full as a goog, such tactics will not spare aunty another Jonathan Shier.

    The conservatives will increase their ABC attacks as tacit repayment for Murdoch’s support. We will again have to people the barricades.

    Bernadi would benefit from past lives regression therapy for all issues concerning the Inquisition.

    • At the moment we have a simple test for a truly serious media organisation.

      Does it deal with Global Warming as a topic wholly centred on how we are to deal with it, and treat it as central to our concerns.

      Or does it still actually treat it as if there was the slightest serious doubt about the fact that we caused it, we can prevent it , and that it has already locked in a dangerous degree of damage to the planet?

      The ABC fails this test dismally; and that failure is typical of its general failure to be a standard-bearer of debate and serious opinion for Australians – something it once was

  15. the tumbrills are rolling

    “Christopher Pyne, the joker in pack, could bring down Tony Abbott” SMH comment piece

    leading off with vid of Shorten looking leadership material

  16. I wonder if the existence of the Guardian Australia is already affecting the tone of reporting (outside the Turdoch filth)

    A straw in the wind: GA lead off the headlines summary on News Radio last weekend

  17. OT
    cue scary Jaws music

    “Hard-to-predict sudden changes to Earth’s environment are more worrisome than climate change’s bigger but more gradual impacts, a panel of scientists advising the U.S. government concluded Tuesday.”

  18. Strength to ‘our’ ABC.

    • Wombat , you are right and John is wrong, ABC has been very biased towards Coalition…
      I noticed that my pro-Labor posts were often not published on the Drum, yet I’m never rude…
      I think there has been a change since the elections, still it’s very obvious that Sales interviews with coalition are softly softly, she jokes about invitations to her wedding etc….

      Wombat, do you write on the Drum,I think I spotted some of your posts…

      • Helvi: This is a very legitimate complaint that you make.
        Who – one or many? – decides what replies are to be posted there? A panel or some crazed authoritarian? Some young and naive bod? Someone simply inept? Or stupid? Is it a high level job or left to someone untrained?
        How does one find an answer to this?
        It certainly needs challenging, because the Drum is rubbish without accountability.

  19. The latest Essential Report has been released.

    Strong bipartisan resistance Hockey’s proposed changes to retirement age.

    Their TPP is Labor 48, Coalition 52. Unacceptable figures. This outcome however is explained in the fine print; Figures based on the AVERAGING responses solicited over 2 WEEKS! Given the political cycle, that is unacceptable & fundamentally flawed compared with Morgan’s two day multimode polling.

  20. Mirror on the Wall : An interesting week, Tony?

    Face in the Mirror : I thought this would be easy! I watched Howard my Hero doing it so relaxed and comfortably! I watched Kevin 07 buzzing around like a blue-arsed fly, getting credit for everything other people did! I watched Julia – if a bitch could do the job, I would shit it in!

    Mirror on the Wall : And now?

    Face : I just don’t get it – how is everything I do turning to mud?

    Mirror : Perhaps if you didn’t actually do anything at all, like a good conservative?

    Face : But I promised to do some stuff!

    Mirror : And how is that going?

    Face : I’ve got a Mandate!

    Mirror : And how is that going?

    Face : (seventy seconds of shivering shaking silence . . .)

    Mirror : Tony? . . .Tony?

  21. What’s this?
    ‘Obsessive centralized control’?!?!

    Damn these small government, libertarian, laissez faire free marketeers and their obsessive need for centralized control.
    Who woulda thought?

    Let’s see now –
    No Hockey policy costings announcement, check.
    No stopping of the boats, check.
    No making friends with our northern neighbours, check
    No education policy, check.
    No costings STILL on their NBN, check.
    No costings STILL on their direct action, check.
    No PPL costings, check.
    No credibility, check.
    Astroturfing maggot fallacy, check.

    Not bad for 3 months work.


    The profound hubris of the Liberal mind never once imagined a space lower than that of Rudd/Gillard.

    It must feel like a reckoning without mercy….


  22. I imagine the Coalition have been developing this strategy for neutralising the ABC for some time. If it wasn’t the phone tapping revelations, it was going to be some pretext or other for ramping up the rhetoric about bias, alluding to cutting budgets, privatisation, whatever it takes to keep staff and management very nervous for the next couple of years while the Coalition pick up their business of remaking the country for the benefit of the most privileged.

    • Decades, pithonme. From the days when journalists first became radicalised by such things as the Vietnam War, the conservatives have been trying to reduce the ABC as best they can. It is still Howard’s enduring legacy, the conservatising of the ABC Board and senior management. The appointments/hirings since late 1990s have further established conservatism in the ABC.

      It was Rudd’s greatest failure to not sack the ABC Board and senior management in 2008.

  23. Mind you, I think any current noises about the ABC are a distraction device from the foreign affairs fuck up, the economy fuck up, the education fuck up and the rorts fuck up . . . and any other likely to happen shortly, whether over TPVs same sex marriage health defence etc etc etc . . .

    Mention privatising the ABC, and set the chattering classes chattering . . .

    • I don’t think this is a tactical distraction, I think it’s their long-term strategy to neuter media coverage. The Coalition – having so effectively manufactured an exaggerated perception of chaos, enabled by a shallow media among which the ABC can be at least partly included – are now executing a very precise strategy to ensure our public broadcaster provides the Coalition with as much leeway as necessary for their hypocrisy and incompetence to stay under the radar.

    • speaking of FA FUs why very little about the East Timorese complaint about spying on them for purely economic reasons?

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