Abbott’s End (71): Gaily, Gaily

A Great Overturning seems imminent. The High Court is allowing gay marriages to occur on the weekend, and it would be surprising if they then annulled them. In our sister country Canada they occur every day and there have been, thus far, no attendant shootings, firebombs, riot, affray.

This will leave Abbott with sperm on his face and his sister exultant over the Christmas turkey. Nothing has gone right for this government and it is unlikely they will last very long. Turnbull would win a leadership battle held now and the Senate can, as I understand it, refuse Supply. The lies and lies and lies told by Christopher Pyne in the last week (Is he matching Labor’s 12.5 billion? Yes, with 3.2 billion, of course, that’s a match; well, isn’t it?) make him seem entirely insane, and he would not pass a medical examination. Scott Morrison’s daily avoidance of democratic scrutiny, annoying to even Laurie Oakes, suggests that he too is bonkers (though he does achieve some lucidity, I hear, when speaking in tongues and waving his hands) and a Senate inquiry would find him so.

As for Abbott … well, my thesis that he is six men, not one, held up when I lately heard from a friend that at a dinner party hosted by his sister he spoke up for gay marriage and said it would happen soon and he was looking forward, he said, to that ‘significant victory for the side of the angels’. He may well believe it, but he was crazy to say so.

What a mess he is in. His confessor, Pell, will be working round the clock.

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  1. surely the insiders have a cassette tape of Pell uttering the formula?

  2. Yes Bob, that fits. I thought it was egg. Indeed, what a mess Abbott is in. He’s surely received George’s blessing.

    Speaking of Pell, the price of his blessing so far has been the dismantlment of the Federal watchdog responsible for auditing church run charities. The sanctity of the slush funds returned. Undoubtedly, he would also like to see any commissions of enquiry into shirt lifters terminated through budget restrictions. I wonder if the Abbott is silly enough to try & do Pell’s bidding on that front. If he does, it will be a suicide act.

  3. I don’t know why everyone is so enamoured with Turnbull, as if all would be right with the world if we the leader of Bishop, Pyne, Andrews, Abetz, Morrison?

    Fuck Malcolm Turnbull just another Liberal Tory Fuck wit, as far as I am concerned. He is just following orders, a willing participant. This left wing sentiment for Turnbull has got to stop.

    • You and I agree, allthumbs. ‘The Spiv’ is a Liberal – it’s not as if he had no free choice: he chose the Liberal Party. Christ, he could have run as an independent, like Tony Windsor! But no, he’s a Liberal, belongs to the Liberal Party, with a Liberal heart. It makes no difference to me that he goes to art gallery openings and STC plays. Wow. That’s to his credit, no doubt. But he’s a Liberal and I’m just as sick of the “love-affair” with Turnbull as you are. Cheers!

      • I agree – Turnbull is a toad and as a man who is obviously more intelligent than Abbott, a total sell out and opportunist.
        Malcolm is a thorough disgrace as he has what many of us don’t- a considerable fortune which should exempt and preserve him from petty politics but he has accepted Credlin’s ludicrous command that he stay silent yet he knows the LNP is a train wreck. What is the point of Malcolm. No ethics, no morals.

        • Well, that is what politicians do… doubt that Turnbull would be better than Abbott though. Not saying he is a nicer man.

      • Glow Worm, you don’t like Turnbull, yet he is still far better than anyone else in Abbott government.

        Surely you agree that he’s better than Abbott , Morrison( the monster),and Pyne put together?

        It makes a difference to me that men like Turnbull and Keating value Arts, Classical music, and believe that Australia ought to be a republic…. that makes them better than most Oz politicians in my view…

        • Agreed – and he would be streets ahead of any other brain-diminished lunatic in Abbott’s party. But ask yourself – here’s a man who was/is best friends with Gough’s son, mixes easily with the arty crowd who would all (almost all) be Labor supporters, and chooses the Liberal Party as his life/career path. What does he know that we don’t?

          And never forget Godwin Grech. As Keating said at the time: smartest bloke in the Liberal Party – shocking judgement.

  4. Well, you have to be understanding of committed Catholics like Tony. I was raised one, so I understand his dilemma that seems to mystify the godless heathen that jeer him on this blog.

    Tony is too earnest and pure of heart to be evil. He just wants to be loved by you all. Can you not spare some love for a Liberal PM?

    He bleeds just like you. Where is your pity?

    Tony will examine his soul each night before he rests to gauge if God approves of his daily activity.

    Its an enormous burden that he bears.

    If there are six versions of Tony inside him, I wish he could channel the one I most prefer – The Bastard Tony.

    The simian malevolent cold-blooded misogynistic neanderthal that put the wind up Gillard, and coax that version to arise like King Kong, to roar and wreak havoc in Canberra – (mainly because there’s a nasty streak within me and I like to see what happens.)

    There would be a great rejoicing throughout the Liberal heartland if that evil knuckle-dragging version arises. He should listen to my words. They are most wise. Inside Tony is the Catholic Kryptonite that can undo him. Only Tony, not Turnbull has the seeds to destroy himself and tumble like King Kong from the mighty edifice of high office – to a lowly out of office weekend fireman/pushbike rider.

    Tony, please be a bastard and Live. Think of your heroes – Joh Bjelke, Askin “run the bastards over!” and your hero, Howard on Tampa or weapons of mass distraction in Iraq – they never examined their conscience. Not once. And God still loved them. Do likewise. Do not lose your self-confidence. Cheat. Lie and double-cross at every opportunity. Its what all good leaders do. Its what you must do too.

    • ‘And God still loved them.’

      Got a link for that Frank?

      • The great thing about being a buyer of the Catholic brand is the bonus offers. Old Tony knows he can sin all week, lust after Peta, lie like a pig in shit all week. As long as he fronts up to kiss George’s ring once a week, the price of absolution will be but a few Hail Marys & a promise to kick a few buck into the tin before he leaves.
        Then he can go out & do it all again next week without any pangs of guilt. Beats being an old school Methodist!

      • Read your New Testament Jason. God is not a Leftie.

        • Whats a new testament?

          Some new program?
          An app?
          Plug in?

          Actually, I think the G might have been a bit left.

          I recall something about a son who had a word or two about the capitalist free market goings on at some Temple.

        • Surely you are not trying to claim God as a right wing capitalist, Frank.

          If you are right, maybe God really is an American.

      • I’m so happy I was one of the bastards Askin ordered the driver to run over- a callow youth in desert boots and proudly wearing my Ban The Bomb badge.

    • Frank
      Are you the full quid?
      Abbott was Howard’s Hound in the horrid Howard years
      and was behind every filth inspired Howard conservative history warrior revenge payback package ever wrought

      Christian– catholic loving– –forgiveness indeed
      once again ARE YOU THE FULL QUID

  5. Amen. Abbott is the eternal adolescent: wants it all – now – no waiting, but has no idea what to do with it when he gets it. His random blundering is evidence of someone who has found himself suddenly in possession of the prize, but with no concept of its value, or what happens next.

    Question: how long will it take enough voters to see it?

  6. “This will leave Abbott with sperm on his face” – so nothing new there then.

    Maybe the release of reports into child abuse will trigger a heart attack for good old George?

    I found it interesting that there was no temporary injunction staying any wedding plans. Is there a possible message there?

  7. I look forward to gay weddings at the Lakemba mosque.

    • Have to agree with DQ’s concise assessment.

      Do you look forward to Jewish, Christian or Hindu weddings at the Lakemba mosque?

      Gay marriage is a secular issue.
      Churches have, as always, controlled who they choose to marry in their institutions.

      • Absolutely, K.b – Not intending to introduce a morbid issue too soon, but … another secular issue is how I choose to die. Not the State’s business, not the business of the dress-up fetishists calling themselves priests/mullahs/rabbis etc. etc. My business. Like marriage.

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