The Madness Of Christopher Pyne (2)

Christopher has just told Leigh Sales that schoolkids and their parents and their teachers will get more money from him than they would have received from Shorten if he had stayed in his post. But Shorten proposed — and in eight jurisdictions agreed to, and began to enact, and contract, and ratify — three times as much money as he, in six years not four. In Christopher’s weird and wacky world view, less is more, and four billion dollars greater than twelve billion dollars, and massive change no change at all, and the ‘shambles’ of last week is, hey presto, this week’s great idea.

He believes he can mesmerise us out of any residual memory of what he said yesterday. He believes that if he asserts with brazen confidence something, anything, then lo, it has come to pass.

In this, he closely resembles a madman.

He should be taken away in a straitjacket, and questioned closely.

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  1. “massive change consistency”

  2. Taken away and never to be released. Incurable.

  3. To Pynochio, this is just another grand game of politics.
    He thinks he is the master of the game, but he’s just the latest issuance of a long line of cheap kurbside spivs offering up a pea & thimbles to the gullible. That’s us. All of us.

    He is an Eric Abetts retelling a lie over & over, He’s also a Brandis, lying like a snake in the grass, exaggerating, changing his story, guilty as hell, pious & arrogantly dismissing us as fools. All of us. He is typical of the born to rule. He is a Liberal. He thinks he is part of the old British Rajah. An arrogant uncaring & he assumes unaccountable, entitled to be an arsehole to his hearts content.

    We know him to be illegitimate. He is a very dangerous man.

  4. He thinks he was very clever today, outsmarting Labor, creating a great policy, a supreme politician.
    Absolutely deluded.
    O’ bugger: “The’re coming to take me away ha ha … … “

  5. Abbott and his cabinet, reminiscent of the band of obsessed and warped personalities who were attracted to Hitler.

  6. So, we have before us a most perplexing predicament:
    Is it now a “workable situation’ or is it STILL a ‘complete shambles’; still ‘an incomprehensible mess”?

    That’s the trouble with Reverse 1 1/2 Somersaults, 2 1/2 Twists in the Squeezed by the Testicles Position: you never know which lie to believe.

  7. By and large foreigners are bemused by Australia’s putting up of the Abbott Gang, Cagney Python and his weird attendants.

    Even so, it is rationally explained as a Labor fuck-up, not a Liberal victory.

    Malcolm Turnbull should cut and run, distance himself asp, for his careers sake and (not meant lightly) that of his sanity.

    Christopher Pyne never answers a question straight. Never ever. The Libs obfuscate terribly.

  8. Can’t even listen to the Lib bastards anymore. Not that I ever could much.

    Just read but not too much…kind of sideways, if you know what I mean. So I don’t get the disease.

    I now refuse to criticize and condemn anyone, or place blame, or dangle in denial…and all the rest of the terrible things they try to make us do. Best to up the cutting wit and humor and take the mickey. Hopefully one wont succumb…

    Our cartoons are brilliant in this land. But has Bill Leak been totally swallowed up by Murdoch?

    • Heather, sorry to report, but I could not finish the 7.30 interview, are there any sane people there in the Abbott government…?

      • Helvi, Just read the transcript afterwards off of the ABC website if you cant bear watching or like me are shouting at the TV!

        • Walked out on
          the Lateline interview with Barnaby, it’s all Labor this, Labor that…how tedious and untrue…childish.

          This really is not happening, it’s some clever British comedy show…

          • The mute button is such a handy invention!

            • I was sitting there watching it with GO, who is made of sterner stuff and wants to keep watching the horrors of Pyne, Morrison and Abbott…

            • It really is a continuation of the absolute nightmare which the previous Labor govt. had to endure from these lunatic humans. No one would address this. People literally got swamped by the madness. Labor imploded into attacking each other. Sure there will always be shonks or crims in the mix around people who are small l liberal, considerate and humane. They get preyed upon by the likes of Obeid etc. The absolute control freaks, the LNC see them as stupid and not playing it right. But these blunder along in their own brainless ways, provoking fear and loathing etc.

              Abbott trashed the Australian Parliament and until we get clear on this, it will aLL be an ongoing mess and nightmare. He will be trying all the tricks in the book to break the will of the Australian people. It’s almost too painful to watch…

  9. Tony lost his nerve today.

    It saddens me to see him lose courage. He needs someone like me by his side to guide him to victory. A wise head to steel his nerve. To slap him on his back and tell him he’s doing a good job even if he’s not.

    Someone to tell him to ignore the bastards. To encourage him to battle on when his face starts nervously twitching and he refuses to leave his office, rocking silently at his desk staring at the wall.

    He needs someone to slap him down and tell him to get back on the bike…

    But no one is by his side. Peta can’t be that man..It must be lonely at the top with no friends…

  10. Is clear the only shambles at present is this government led by Peta Credlin.

  11. Ewe Turn Tony!

  12. How humiliating for Pyne to have his boss take over the policy and the press conference, and then to continually speak on his behalf.

    What a triple-flip! Pyne once called it a con-ski; then promised to match the funding model; then broke that promise; then pretended he’d fixed it up.

    This government persists with its ‘cleaning up Labor’s mess’ mantra when everyone can see the vomit on their shirts is their own.

    • How humiliating for us to have a Education Minister like Pyne…

      I wish a better lot will soon take over their jobs, Abbott and Co are not performing very well(an understatement), and are incapable of doing better..

      ‘Must try harder’, not applicable here, they’ll understand it to mean shout LOUDER…

  13. What Abbott proved at the press conference was that his plan to ditch the Gonski school funding model was a broken promise, and that everyone had immediately noticed.

    He proved that far from being the calm and steady hand, he is the jittery stumbling performer whose excuses don’t hold water, and whose inept bungles cannot be concealed by his jesuitical word games and blatant political deception.

    He proved expert at making things worse when trying to fix them. (echoes of Indonesia).

    He proved that he prefers to lie than to admit being wrong, and to blame others for failing to keep up with his lies than to keep his opportunistic promises.

    He proved yet again that he has the same defective gene his political master had – reprising John Howard’s notorious core versus non-core promises, and illustrating his own stipulation that he could be held to account only for written promises rather than spoken ones.

    He proved what a dangerous fraud he is promising to lead a competent government of plain-speaking honesty that would say what it meant and then do what it had said, and within only 3 months showing it has neither the character nor the intention to do so.

    • From ‘incomprehensible mess’ to ‘successful policy’ in just one day.
      and that’s without altering one letter of substance!!!

      The finest Orwellian sleight of hand I’ve witnessed in quite some time.
      Gillard and Rudd are mail room hacks compared to the guys.

      What a shameless coterie of black hearts they are.

  14. Abbott: I’d like to buy an ‘s’.

  15. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Abbott openly admitted that he lies all the time.

    The Liberal Party elected him leader and the electorate elected him as PM, effectively.

    Elect a pathological liar if you like, but don’t be surprised if he lies to you!

  16. They’re getting rattled, folks. And can see that it’s beginning to look dicey for them. I’m certain I saw Abbott do his dry-mouth-lip-lick yesterday, involuntarily, after Peta and the groomers had told him to stop doing it.

    As long as the Labor team keep consistent pressure on, we’ll win the next one.

    • They are so bad, it’s almost too cruel to tell them HOW bad…to put too much pressure on them.

      As for giving the reins to Turnbull, it’s no go as he would inherit Abbott’s dismal lot.

      Anyhow I’m disappointed with Mal too, not doing his present job very well…I thought he was smarter…

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